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The Twins are two women that appear in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. One of The Twins (on the left) makes an appearance in a short cutscene in the back room of the Pole Position strip club as a stripper, after the player spends $300 on a dance on the first dancer made available to the player. The other (on the right) appears as a bartender at the Malibu Club who replaces the lady with a Stubby Shotgun after Tommy Vercetti purchases the place as a front.


  • One of The Twins are on the cover of the game box art as well as the game disc, and in loading screens of the 10th Anniversary edition.
  • They both are featured on the back of the original Playstation 2 game manual standing behind Ricardo Diaz being referred to as Diaz companions known only as the Twins, although they never appear in the game with him.
  • Their names are never revealed in the game but Rockstar called them Bella and Stella during working on the game. Stella is the one who works in the Pole Position strip club and Bella is the bartender at the Malibu Club.
  • Although they wear pink bikinis in concept artwork (white in 10th Anniversary artwork), in the game they both wear Cowboy hats, Boots, Pasties, Thongs and Strings holding money around their thighs.



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