"Reality finally gets real, and real cheap to make! On The Underbelly Of Paradise!"
CNT Announcer

The Underbelly Of Paradise is a TV show in Grand Theft Auto V, featured on CNT. The show follows FIB agent Steve Haines showing the criminal underworld of Los Santos to the public. It seems to be a parody of many reality crime shows and police chase shows such as Cops, World's Wildest Police Videos, 86, Chicago P.D., CSI', and Gangland.


"Suck my dick, Steve fucking Haines!"
A Ballas gang member to Steve Haines.

The show depicts the crime life of Los Santos, introducing stories like:



  • At one point, a man is holding up a sign that reads "Down with this sort of thing", which is a reference to a similar scene in the Irish sitcom Father Ted.
  • After Steve's death in The Third Way, Dave Norton becomes the show's new host, although there are no episodes featuring him during the course of the game and Steves still air after his death.