The logo for The Wild Traveler.

The Wild Traveler is radio show aired on WCTR which is can be heard in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The radio show is hosted by James Pedeaston. The show is syndicated on 9 other stations, none of which are heard in any Grand Theft Auto game.

The show talks about Pedeaston's 'exotic' travels through third-world countries, and occasionally (and accidentally) reads out of his 'travel log', which usually contains Pedeaston's desires to have sexual relations with young children. His pedophillia disgusts his listeners so much that, occasionally, no one calls in to his show. It is not, however, made certain that this is the reason his show seldom receives phone calls. His favourite memory seems to be a relationship with a boy named Avrindar in Sri Lanka. He also reads a history when he paid some rupees to be with a boy in green that sometimes looks like a girl, a reference to Link, from The Legend of Zelda. His show appears to be so reviled by his listeners that at one point, the few calls which he receives are not supportive. For example, a caller tells him to stop droning on about other countries and focus on talking about where he lives. At one point he received a phone call from a suicidal man in Verdant Bluffs who wanted to go to hell. Pedeaston replies with "Me too! Buy me a refrigerator magnet when you get there".