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Thomson Scrapyard is a location in Blaine County, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V. It is found south of Senora National Park by the junction of the Senora Freeway and Route 68 in the Grand Senora Desert.

Wreckage and Vehicles

Items of interest include two wrecked aeroplanes: two Jets of FlyUS and Herler Airlines, both airlines in GTA V. The two aircraft are in old versions of their airline's livery - notably, the FlyUS aircraft with livery of that found in IV. 
Photo 1-1

Air Herler wreckage in old-style livery.

Photo 2-1

FlyUS aircraft wreckage in old livery as found in GTA IV.

It is possible to enter the cabin of the Air Herler plane, but it is partially blocked and neither aircraft posses any usable items. The scrapyard also contains several wrecked Mallards, with detached wings and vertical stabilizers and deformed bodies. 

The Thomson Scrapyard also contains various scrapped cars, none of which are usable.

The entire scrapyard is fenced off, and two gates on both sides of the yard serve as entrances. 

Origin of the Name

The Headquarters of the producers of GTA V are located in Edinburgh, Great Britain. Consequently, many places in San Andreas are named after real-life places in Scotland (Hawick being an example - Rockstar's choice caused outrage from several residents of Hawick in Scotland [1]). Thomson Scrapyard is most likely no exception as a scrapyard in Galasheils (just South of Edinburgh) is named 'S & I Thomson Auto Salvage and Motor Spares' [2].

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