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Thor was voiced by [[Frank Fava]].
Thor was voiced by [[Frank Fava]].
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{{GTAVC characters}}

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Norse deity Thor (or a reincarnation, impersonator or channeler of him — it is not explained which in the game) appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is interviewed on KCHAT to further explain and sell his series of self-help tapes, which give very ancient (and often violent) answers to common personal problems, such as decapitating one's girlfriend and parading her head on a stick as a declaration of love. He is critical of women, exampled in his treatment of the host - "Go and live in a chimney, ye troll!" and "Wench Amy" - and he is known to speak in the third person. Thor has a fan club in the city, who call themselves the Bloods. They invite Thor during his interview to pillage with them

Thor was voiced by Frank Fava.

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