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You will encounter the following enemies during the mission:


Before starting the mission, don't forget to do these things:

  • Get ammo
  • Get body armor
  • Get full health
  • Wear suit and tie with smart shoes
  • If you have a high friendship level with Dwayne, call for back up. However, prepare to call them before you each the yellow marker in front of the bank because there's no way to transport 5 people with you.

In the bank

After you go into the basement and grab the money, you will be put near the front door defending against cops. Keep shooting until it tells you to follow Derrick and Packie. Turn right into the closet alley and keep firing from behind the dumpster.

On the streets

After killing most or all the cops, you will be instructed to follow teammates. once again take cover and return fire. Follow them when told to. after a third time of defending and following you will go into an alleyway. You will be put infront of a subway entrance. Go into the subway.

In the Subway

When you get in the subway there will be 2 cops shooting at Derrick and Packie. Kill them and proceed on the left side. You will be ambushed at the waiting station. Kill them all and move up or stay. Multiple NOOSE members will come from the bottom of the stairs. Wipe them out and proceed down. You will see the Derrick and Packie are in cover behind 2 pillars. Run past the 2nd person and hide behind the bench or pillar. Keep shooting at the cops until they tell you to follow them. Follow them and NOOSE members will come from both sides of the train station. Fight them off until you get to the service tunnel entrance. Don't forget there are trains that come from the same side that you are on so check for oncoming trains while on the train tracks. Keep going up the service tunnel until you reach the streets again.

On the streets/ 2nd time

Run past the metal gate and run into the alley on the left. Get in the Huntley Sport outside the service entrance. Lose you wanted level and drive or take a taxi to Packie's house, then the mission concludes.

If you have Roman's cab service

Before you go up from the subway tunnel, as soon the wanted level gets reduced to three stars, call him and request for a service, fight the cops off until you can safely get to his cab. Select a place near Packie's house (don't forget to skip the trip so you can teleport away from the wanted area). After the wanted level is clear,just walk to the marker. Mission Completed. In case he says no, proceed as above.

If you have Kiki as a girlfriend

Before you go up from the subway tunnel, as soon the wanted level gets reduced to three stars, phone her and see if she will bail you out. If she bails you out, wait down there until the wanted level is cleared. This way you won't have to fight the cops again.

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