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ThriftEX Logo

ThriftEX is a company featured in the HD Universe. It appears to be a manufacturer of electronics, like Kakagawa and Panoramic. It produces a wide range of products and has shipping containers throughout Liberty City and Alderney State.

Products (A-Z Order)

HD Universe

  • ThriftEX Coffee Machine (IV)
  • ThriftEX Computer (IV)
  • ThriftEX Printer (IV)
  • ThriftEX DVD Player (IV)
  • ThriftEX Headphones (IV) (V)
  • ThriftEX Modern Coffee Machine (IV)
  • ThriftEX Refrigerator (V)
  • ThriftEX Small Television (IV)
  • ThriftEX Shredder (IV)
  • ThriftEX Television (IV)


  • ThriftEX makes cheap products, so the name is making fun of their product quality. (hence the "thrift" in the name).
  • In GTA V, the companies container ships can be found at Los Santos docks.


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