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The Thunder-Rodd is a vehicle which appears in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The car is based on a 1948 Ford De Luxe, which has been modified into a hot rod, complete with low ground clearance, wider wheels, a chopped rooftop, flaming paintjob, and a red interior. Bizarrely, the interior of the vehicle does not include a steering wheel.

The vehicle is wanted by Love Media for their Car-azy Car Give Away.


Performance-wise, the car has great acceleration and a good top speed. However, the car lacks grip, resulting in less responsive cornering (the latter occasionally leads to the car sliding out of control), but compensates with good brakes.

Notable Owners

  • Dan Sucho owns a Thunder-Rodd, which appears in the mission "Grease Sucho" with a unique black-and-blue body color.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

  • Grease Sucho - One of the competitors drives this car to the race. It has a unique paintjob which isn't found on any Thunder-Rodds. It can be obtained by damaging his car until he runs out, then run over him, the mission passes and get on the Thunder-Rodd. Drive it into the Safehouse Garage and it will be repaired. Save as usual.

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  • The car's name and design is a homage to the film Grease, where the main character, Danny Zuko, owns a modified hot rod car named Greased Lightning.

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