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"Couple up and fight to be the last pair standing this Valentine's. Get health benefits from sticking close to your partner or taking out other pairs before they get you. When you tell your Valentine you'll love them for the rest of your life this year, it might actually be true."
Rockstar Games Social Club description.

Till Death Do Us Part is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Be My Valentine update.


"Up to four pairs of star-crossed lovers take part in the ultimate GTA Online quadruple date: each couple has one life between them, and if one half dies, the survivor then takes their own life in dramatic fashion. Additionally, you'll get Health regeneration bonuses when you stay close to your partner, so get cozy."
Rockstar Newswire description.

Till Death Do Us Part was released two days after the update itself, on February 12, 2016[1].

In this mode, players are divided into teams of 2. The game mode basically acts as a Last Team Standing, however, each couple has one life between them, meaning if one dies, the other will commit suicide.

Teammates receive health regeneration bonuses if they stay near one-another.


Image Location Map
Released in initial update
TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-SS1 Till Death Do Us Part I takes place in Vespucci Canals, between Invention Court and Imagination Court. TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-Map1
TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-SS2 Till Death Do Us Part II takes place in the Rancho Projects, Rancho. TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-Map2
TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-SS3 Till Death Do Us Part III takes place at the back of Derelict Motel, Sandy Shores. TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-Map3
TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-SS4 Till Death Do Us Part IV takes place at the Palmer-Taylor Power Station. TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-Map4
TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-SS5 Till Death Do Us Part V takes place in Paleto Bay. TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-Map5
Released in Import/Export
TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-SS6 Till Death Do Us Part VI takes place in Paleto Bay. TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-Map6
TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-SS7 Till Death Do Us Part VII takes place in Paleto Bay. TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-Map7
Released in Gunrunning
TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-Bunker Bunker - Till Death Do Us Part* takes place in the Bunker. TillDeathDoUsPart-GTAO-MapBunker

* This map is listed as part of its own group.


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Actual map, displaying the Special Carbine.

  • Till Death Do Us Part is a common reference to marriage, fitting with the update it was released in.
  • Its also reference to White Lion song with the same name from their 1991 album, Mane Attraction.
  • Unlike other Bunker maps in Social Club where all items are located on Terminal, the Bunker variation of this mode lists a Special Carbine on Vespucci Canals, far away from Terminal. [citation/verification needed]


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