Jonnie: "I've got some annoyances that need taking care of. Some lowlifes owe me money and their time is up. Pay 'em a visit and make sure it's permanent."
Mike: "I'll take care of it. Consider them buried."
Jonnie gives Mike a mission

Time's Up is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, given to protagonist Mike by bar tender Jonnie from the bar he works at in the Red Light District on Portland Island, Liberty City.


Jonnie is having some problems, as there are people on Portland Island who are not paying their debt to Jonnie, so Mike is sent to kill them. The first person is in the Red Light District, with Mike forcing him to leave his car and kills him. Three other people are located across Portland Island. Another is located in Saint Mark's and a third in Callahan Point, with Mike driving to each location and killing the people who owe Jonnie. The fourth is in Harwood and Mike kills him, despite facing several people attempting to kill Mike.

Post Mission Page Script

Jonnie: Bring wheels to the bar. I got a mission for you. Jonnie.


The reward for completing the mission is $5,000. The mission Sober Driver is unlocked by completing the mission.


Video Walkthrough

GBA Version
GTA Advance Mission 13 - Time's Up

GTA Advance Mission 13 - Time's Up