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Tinkle (BAWSAQ: TNK) is a phone service in the HD Universe, much like Badger and Whiz. In GTA IV, they have advertisments on the in-game television and radio, as well as billboards across Liberty City, with a company building in Alderney City, judging by the Tinkle written glass doors and a store in North Holland, Algonquin. In GTA V, the company building is located in Downtown Los Santos.


The company is suggested to be a long-running organization, as an older wall-painted advertising in Varsity Heights may be seen depicting the company in its older name, Tinkle Telecom Corp. The company competes with Whiz Wireless, with Whiz going so far to use the catchphrase "Whiz is stronger than Tinkle". Like Whiz, Tinkle's name is synonymous with urination, with the company using suggestive slogans like "Tinkle in your ear", "Tinkle underwater" and "Tinkle everywhere". The Tinkle Cellphone is manufactured by Panoramic, hinting that they are partners.

Known Tinkle users


  • Timm, an equity broker in Algonquin (presumably for BAWSAQ) and random event character in GTA V, suggests investing in Tinkle upon completion of his random event. After which, the stock will begin to rise and will top at around 30% higher than the original selling price.


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