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The Brute Tipper is a dump truck in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Grand Theft Auto V

The Tipper is a dump truck that serves in construction areas and operated by Skiver Construction Corporation. As with some vehicles in the game, the Tipper has two variants, which both differ slightly in terms of exterior design. Both trucks have similar chassis and identical performance specs.

First generation

The first generation of the Tipper appears to be based on the Mack R series dump truck. It has single headlights and a slightly rusted body. It also appears to have a cylindrical air filter on the right side of its cabin and has 6 wheels. Strangely, this variant of the Tipper lacks frontal turn signals. The grille is nearly identical in shape to that of a Ford L-series.

Second generation

The second variant of the Tipper appears to be slightly newer than the first, with an updated exterior design, closely resembling an International Harvester S-2500 as well as sharing some features with the second generation GMC TopKick such as the side profile of the fenders and overall cab design. It has two double headlights, a different shaped grille, and a more streamlined front end. This variant also has two turn signals placed on top of each front wheel arch, and it lacks an air filter on its side. Also, this variant only has 4 wheels.

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Grand Theft Auto V

The performance is that of an average heavy truck with slow acceleration but remarkable top speed. The Tipper has a very large turning radius, however, and its heavy handling leaves much to be desired. However, its heavy weight can be used to the player's advantage, as the Tipper can easily push smaller cars out of the way.

The only difference between both models is the number of wheels. The 1st model is depicted as a 10-wheeler truck with three axles and the second model as a 6-wheeled truck with two axles (considering the rear wheels in a heavy vehicle are in a double configuration).

GTA V Overview

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Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto V

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  1. While the "Tiptruck" has a "vehicleMakeName" assigned as "Brute", the "Tiptruck2" lacks an entry in said parameter.