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"The Titan is a four-engine turboprop military transport plane, capable of using unprepared runways for takeoffs and landings, making it perfect for a busy city center. A freeway, a football field, a schoolyard... the choice is yours."
Elitás Travel description.

The Titan is a military transport aircraft featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The Titan is a cargo aircraft with four propellers, entirely based on the Lockheed C-130 "Hercules". Along with the Cargo Plane, it is one of the aircraft used by the military and Merryweather Security to transport materials. The vehicle always appear in a desert camo livery and has two different registration numbers on its tail: TN-100 and AN-973.

It features a rear cargo bay; its door could be opened by punching it, however this has been removed in a patch. Its capacity of 10 persons is second highest in GTA V, behind the Miljet which can carry 16.

Current Design Gallery


The Titan has a slow speed and will drop at a rather fast rate if the engines are slower than max whilst airborne, however it is a very stable aircraft and is very easy to pilot. It has a short takeoff distance for its size and capacity; it also handles well when landing on makeshift runways such as deserts, fields and even some wide bridges.

In other words, the Titan is one of the most versatile aircraft in the game; despite its large size, it can be landed almost anywhere by stalling the plane at low altitudes. This, combined with its speed, makes it a very good investment.

GTA V Overview

Source Take-Off Speed
(0 - 60 knots)
Top Speed
Engine Type Engine Location Mass
(Kg / lb)

(i.e. game data definitions)

n/a n/a




(i.e. recorded on Airspeed Indicator)

n/a n/a

4 propellers


Mass cannot be observed.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online

  • The Titan notably appears in the mission A Titan of a Job, where it's owned by Merryweather Security and it's landed at Los Santos International Airport, 1 up to 6 players have to eliminate enough mercenaries, steal a Titan and take it to Sandy Shores Airfield.
  • The aircraft also appears in Extradition, where the player must chase and destroy it in order to kill one of the targets.
  • The Titan is featured in the Flight School lesson City Landing, where the player have to land a Titan into Del Perro Beach during bad weather conditions. To make the lesson more challenging, the Titan is scripted to suffer an engine failure in the port outer engine (the left furthest one from the fuselage).



GTA V - How to safely get the Titan06:17

GTA V - How to safely get the Titan

The easiest way to get the Titan in GTA V.


Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Online



The Titan in Max Payne 3.

  • A unique Titan can be seen on an advertisement for Warstock Cache & Carry with an olive drab paint, light blue bottom and white vertical stabilizer. It cannot be found in-game, as it always spawns in desert camouflage.
  • The existence of the Titan was first teased in a previous Rockstar production, Max Payne 3, in which a photograph of the aircraft appears in the multiplayer map Tiete River Docks, along with images of the Shamal, Luxor and the Hydra. The Titan pictured has the same current desert camo pattern but is grey which is possibly a beta color.  
  • Titans are figures in Greek mythology, while its real life counterpart, the Hercules C-130, has the name of a Greek god with the same name.
  • Once there are two passengers in the Titan's cockpit, a third passenger will not use the animation to enter the plane. They will instead teleport into the Titan's cargo bay.
  • The Titan may be a reference to the Titan Corporation, a real world military contractor that competes with Blackwater (now known as Academi), the real world equivalence to Merryweather. Ironically, the Titan is part of the Merryweather's vehicle fleet.
  • Whilst getting into a Titan pressing Y/Triangle while going up the stairs, the player can sometimes glitch inside or under the Titan, get into the cargo bay and even evade the Military.
  • Clipping the left wing on the Titan on certain structures will cause the Titan to turn left instead of blowing up and vice versa for the right wing.
  • After stealing a Titan, it is possible to fly over Fort Zancudo airspace without getting a wanted level.
  • Oddly enough, due to a minor graphic glitch, sometimes the bay doors for the front landing gear may remain stuck in their open position, even after the player has retracted the landing gear. This glitch seems to occur more often during Online sessions. Similarly, the wheel seems to clip through the fuselage when used, although it rarely happens.
  • If a player pops the tires on one of the rear landing gear assemblies, they simply disappear.
  • The Titan makes the loudest explosion in the game. It is louder than the Jet, which should technically make a louder noise.


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