Toe Shoes is a clothing brand in Grand Theft Auto V that sells athletic shoes and caps.


Their shoes are advertised on the radio and on billboards in Los Santos, although the player isn't able to purchase them. However, a Toe Shoes fitted cap is available for Franklin in his bedroom at the Clinton Residence. Its in-game website is

It is a parody of Vibram FiveFingers, a line of shoes designed to mimic the human foot.

The only characters seen using them are Imran ShinowaPaige HarrisFabien LaRouche and Steve Haines.

Radio Commercial

Toe Shoes

Imaging Voice: "You want to up your running game? Run like a caveman! Finally, shoes are getting back to nature. Toe Shoes! You were born barefoot, your ancestors ran barefoot, and now, Toe Shoes allow you to run barefoot with shoes that look like feet! Slightly deformed, web-toed, brightly-colored feet. Just like your ancestors' that died at 25 of rickets! Feel like wearing no shoes at all, as nature intended! Toe Shoes! They're shoes for toes and twats."