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Tom Rivas is a character from Grand Theft Auto IV. Tom Rivas is a Puerto Rican-born homosexual man. He is the cousin of Lyle Rivas, but isn't in the same criminal activities as his cousin. His nickname is "French Tom", also, he uses French Tom as his UserName for his Account on


He owed Brucie Kibbutz a great deal of money. Tom went into hiding when Brucie tried to collect on his debts. In order to lure him out, Brucie and Roman Bellic set up a fictionalised Love-Meet Account for Niko Bellic that depicted him as a rich gay man who enjoys spending his wealth on his boyfriends. Tom agreed to meet Niko at The 69th Street Diner, where, after some awkward conversation, Niko killed him.

During the conversation between Niko and Tom, Tom mentions that the Maisonette 9 and Hercules nightclub owner Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince is actually completely broke, which plays a large part in the story of The Ballad Of Gay Tony.

LCPD DataBase Information

Surname: Rivas

First Name: "French" Tom

Age: 27

Place of Birth: Puerto Rico

Affiliations: N/A

Criminal Record:

  • 1995 - Prostitution
  • 1998 - Prostitution
  • 1999 - Coercion Blackmail
  • 2003 - Possession Controlled Substance: Methaphetamine
  • 2004 - Fraud


  • Cousin of chop shop operator, Lyle Rivas.
  • Known homosexual hustler and con man.
  • Often charms older gay (sometimes married) men before emptying their bank accounts and disappearing.
  • Based in Broker.

Mission Appearances


  • Tom's Love-Meet Profile remains on the site even after his death.
  • Tom's Love-Meet Profile and Niko's Love-Meet Profile are absent in The Lost And Damned and The Ballad Of Gay Tony
  • In american.gxt, an unused line of text reveils that Tom said he had another cousin named Victor Rivas who lived in Los Santos. According to the text, Victor was a electronics thief and Tom never like him because of his "small junk" and his poor lifestyle of robbing.
  • If he is able to leave the diner before you kill him, he will run around in a circle around the block. His path was likely pre-determined, but he just runs around like that until you kill him.


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