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Tony's custom Z-Type.

"Whoa! You KNOW only Los Santos Customs could have pulled off this bad boy for me! I wouldn’t trust ANYONE else to touch my Truffade. People are always asking me for the secrets of my success. It’s simple: to attain success, you must PROJECT success. In everything you do. Your suit, your home, your watch – and of COURSE your car. One look at what I’ve done to this $1.7 million dollar beaut and clients KNOW I’m the man to trust with their personal investment strategy."
―Tony Posada

Tony Posada is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is a man stalking Los Santos Customs on Lifeinvader. He owns one of ten Truffade Z-Types in the world.


  • "Posada" means Inn in Spanish, crew in Croatian and job in Polish.

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