"Well, where's your love for the hood? JB ain't doin' good, he needs help. We need your help, nigga. We gonna lose everything."
― Tonya Wiggins

Tonya Wiggins is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a Stranger/Freak in Grand Theft Auto V.


Tonya and her boyfriend JB are old friends of Franklin's, and from what Franklin says, he's known JB for 20 years. Tonya and JB have a very obvious crack habit that causes them both to slack off on their towing service business. Because of this, they are in danger of losing it to creditors.

Tonya tries to convince Franklin that she doesn't smoke crack as much as she used to, only doing "baby-hits just to get a taste". Franklin, however, is dubious and does not believe her.

Still she has no qualms about asking Franklin for his help to tow a few cars to keep the business afloat.

Mission Appearances

  • Friends Reunited (Post-mission phone call, only if Pulling One Last Favor has been completed)

Strangers and Freaks



  • Her facial appearance resembles Rihanna to an extent.
  • She has a certificate in cosmetology, with her mistakenly refering to it as "cosmology." Franklin, after hearing this, jokingly asks her if she's going up to space.
  • She mentions that Franklin, while in his early teens, had sex with her behind a Burger Shot. Franklin, however, denies this.
  • She believes that Franklin is still attracted to her (which Franklin denies) and drops hints on a regular basis that she's attracted to him. Near the end of the final towing mission, she offers Franklin a sexual service, which he refuses.
  • It is highly suggested that Tonya is a hooker, since if Michael talks with her, she will tell him that she "likes a big boy" and that she'll show him a "good time." Michael will reject her offer, and will ask her if she gets of a lot of "bidness" with her lines.
    • She'll do the same with Trevor, who also rejects her. Tonya states that she sells her body in order to financially support her and JB, who she now says is her husband.