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"These Bitches got armored cars and now they're running SPANK..."

Toyminator is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Red Jacks leader D-Ice from a public phone booth in the Wichita Gardens district of Shoreside Vale, Liberty City.


D-Ice wants Claude to destroy three Securicars full of SPANK driven by the Purple Nines. He instructs Claude to enter a TOYZ van and use explosive RC Bandits to destroy the Securicars.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in the TOYZ van
  • Use the RC buggies to destroy the armored cars


The reward for completing the mission is $10,000. Completing the mission unlocks Rigged to Blow.


  • The name of the mission parodies The Terminator movie.
  • The drivers of the Securicars are actually default peds - male01 which ones are white.

Video walkthroughs

iPad Version
GTA 3 - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 59 - Toyminator03:35

GTA 3 - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 59 - Toyminator

PC Version
GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission 59 - Toyminator (HD)03:57

GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission 59 - Toyminator (HD)

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