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Trackify is a tracking app featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto IV

The app is mentioned in radio commercials. The commercials reveal that it's an app used to reveal the exact location of your family, and that it's just for kids. A man commenting on the app in the commercial claims that the app tracks down a microchip implemented in his children's brain.

Grand Theft Auto V

In Grand Theft Auto V it takes a larger role, being used to track down debris, nuclear waste, and Michael De Santa in Fresh Meat.

Uses Of Trackify 

It is used in the mission Fresh Meat so that Franklin can find Mr Michael De Santa.

It is also used whille you are Scuba diving, or in a submarine as shown in the photo.


  • The radio commercials in Grand Theft Auto IV say that it reveals the exact location of whatever it's tracking down, but in Grand Theft Auto V, where the app is used, it seems to track down weak signals which get stronger the closer you get.
  • In Fresh Meat Lester Crest tells Franklin that the app is used to track down a microchip in Michael's cellphone, which indicates that the manufacturer of Trackify no longer implement their microchips into people's heads.

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