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Trainers are software applications used in Grand Theft Auto games. They can perform many functions such as making the protagonist invincible (Infinite Health), providing him with unlimited armor, unlimited ammunition, unlimited oxygen (In GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City Stories) and many other useful functions. These can be used for making the game easy and more interesting, and can also be used to circumvent bugs and glitches. Some trainers also contain a Gararge Editor with which the player can decide the cars he/she wants in the specified garage & their features like making them Bulletproof, Fireproof, Comprehensive Damageproof (Making sure that there are no dents on the car), Explosionproof etc. Many trainers also feature a Teleporter which can take the player from one place to another when the location is saved. Many modding websites such as The GTA Place & GTA Garage have trainers for download. A famous trainer website is Pizzadox which has a variety of trainers for mostly all GTA games.