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The Tram is an uncontrollable street car in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which appears on tracks around San Fierro and in Grand Theft Auto V around Los Santos. In San Andreas, there is a Tram terminal in the King's district, but Trams are most usually seen in the Garcia district.


Grand Theft Auto 1

In Grand Theft Auto 1, accessible trams were considered early during the game's development, but it wasn't finished, possibly explaining the absence of train services in San Andreas. The accessible trams were similar to the train systems in Liberty City and Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


A tram in San Andreas.

The Tram is based on the single-ended variant of the "California Car" cable car, the kind which typically run on the Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde lines of the San Francisco cable car system. There are two different Trams that operate in San Fierro: a single car variant and a double car variant. There are never any brakemen/conductor seen controlling the Tram or any passengers seen riding it, the player cannot board or drive it. Trams can commonly be seen with their destination displayed on the sides of the cars, toward the top.

Like in GTA 1, the ability to ride the tram was cut from the game before release. A notable aspect of the Tram, like all trains in the game, is that it is completely indestructible and cannot be stopped by obstructions, and cannot be derailed. However, it can be targeted with Heat-Seeking Rocket Launchers, though they have no effect on it. Its rear is also able to catch on fire through the use of, for an example, a Molotov Cocktail. Unlike Trains, it does not stop.

Although double tracked sections exist in the Tram's route that branch off from the single track, all Trams only use the inner tracks, and they can only be seen traveling counter-clockwise.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Tram bears resemblance to the LA Metro Green Line Siemens Light Rail Vehicle and it is seen in the television show, The Underbelly Of Paradise passing through a Los Santos neighborhood behind FIB agent Steve Haines. The tram belongs to Los Santos Transit and services the majority of the Los Santos metropolitan area by stopping at ten stations and whilst skipping another due to construction. The player can ride the trams by walking through the open doors, the tram will begin to move and give the player a cinematic view. Unlike previous games and the Aerial Tramway (which functions similar to the tram), the rides cannot be skipped.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, the Tram can be entered through the doors when the Tram is stopped, allowing the player to walk inside while it is in motion. A glitch always occurs after the doors have opened which causes the doors to never close, this allows an infinite number of passengers to enter and also allows passengers to leave the tram at any time, even whilst it is moving. It is also possible to destroy the Tram with the use of explosives.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • All trams have Garcia displayed as their destination, although they are never seen stopping there. 
  • In Test Drive, when Cesar Vialpando drives in front of the tram, he mentions a tram driver, despite the tram having no brakeman. 
  • Similarly to the Brown Streak and the Freight, while playing in multiplayer, a player can lock onto any of the tram cars and see that there is health for each car. The health of the cars can be drained to zero but there is no effect of this at all, compared to normal vehicles that explode when at zero health.
    • The cars can also be locked on with a Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher or a Hydra, but it will not affect the tram either. When the health of car is drained to zero after firing a certain number of rockets, it cannot be locked on anymore.

Grand Theft Auto V

  • The Tram will stop if the player blocks the tracks. It will not however if the driver is shot/held at gunpoint.
  • If the player shoots the Tram driver, the tram will still function normally.
  • The Tram has a Cop horn, most notably when the player is riding one. This horn is also used to warn the player that it is approaching them. It has also a Train horn, heard when an object (especially a vehicle) blocks its way.
  • It is possible to ragdoll into the driver's cabin through the front window, and move around until the Tram leaves the station. The player will be teleported to the passengers after the Tram is in motion.
  • In Grand Theft Auto Online, the Tram can be stopped using Sticky Bombs, this has been patched however.
  • In Grand Theft Auto Online, if the player destroys a personal vehicle by hitting the side of the tram at high speed, the player will not be charged for it.


  • In GTA San Andreas, if the player climbs onto the Tram and takes a picture, CJ will fall into Blue Hell and, after a few moments, will land on the sidewalk beside the Tram.
  • In GTA San Andreas, there are times when the Tram completely stops. It usually happens after accidentally appearing in a cutscene.
  • Saving a derailed Tram in a garage will crash the game when the door is reopened, same as saving a Train in a garage.

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