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Travis was earlier a taxi driver, who was robbed and almost beeing killed in service by local gangs in Liberty, since then he became crazy and lunatic trying to find them and killed them all, back in his home he trained hard in front of a mirror to be the higest sharpshooter against all the gangs ho atacked him and not only them but all gangs in Liberty, he lost his job because of his issues with gangs and later he meet Bubba and Troy and joined them for many years. Bubba calls him «freak» but in a god way, and somehow he managed to put Travis in the team, despite Troy never trusted him.

Travis is a character from Grand Theft Auto 1 who can be chosen as a protagonist by the player. He is a reference to Travis Bickle, the main character in the movie Taxi Driver. Who is an ex-marine having served in Vietnam who works as a taxi driver, before becoming a voilent loner attempting to assasinate a presidential candidate, and killing a pimp, bouncer and mafia soldier in order to rescue a child prostitiute.

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