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|voice = [[Steven Ogg]] <small>'''(Rumor)'''</small>
|voice = [[Steven Ogg]] <small>'''(Rumor)'''</small>
|status = Alive}}
|status = Alive}}
{{quote|Do you want me to get my dick out again?!|[[Trevor Phillips]]}}
{{quote|Do [[Floyd|you]] want me to get my dick out again?!|[[Trevor Phillips]]}}
'''Trevor Phillips''' is one of the three main [[Protagonist|protagonists]] in ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]''.
'''Trevor Phillips''' is one of the three main [[Protagonist|protagonists]] in ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]''.

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"Do you want me to get my dick out again?!"
Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips is one of the three main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V.


The history about Trevor is that he has a very sketchy background but at some point in his life, Trevor entered the military as a war veteran and an aviator pilot. After his time in the war was over, Trevor met Michael. Both men realized that they had a flare for robbery so Trevor decided to join Michael on heist jobs. Both became majorly successful in several heist jobs.

At some point in time both men had a falling out, causing a major rift in their friendship, (some believe that it was Michael's deal with the FIB that caused said rift).

Events of GTA V

By the events of the game, Trevor is living in a filthy, trash-riddled trailer in the desert of Blaine County next to his best friend Ron, a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Because Trevor ended up spending all of the money that he earned during his robbery days, he needs to get back into the deadly game of robbery.



Trevor has been described as a difficult person to deal with, extreme, impetuous, vengeful, psychotic, unhinged, unpredictable, untamed, infamous, and prone to violent outbursts and destructive rampages - in the second trailer he smashed an unknown person's head into a bar counter and was then seen setting a house on fire and walking out of the area without a care in sight. He does everything in an awful and relentless manner, (much different from Michael). Although Trevor is this kind of person, he is also honest about it and will never show hypocrisy and he will also have his own charm along with his own principals (his principals being different from Michael's). But, Dan Houser has confirmed that Trevor may not be all he seems but is still too horrible to be a hero kind.

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Relationships With Other Characters

"Bring me my coffee or I'm gonna cut your arm off!"
―Trevor in his own trailer.

Michael - Trevor and Michael grew a likeness for one another after they began to rob several banks back in the day. But somewhere in that time, both men had a falling out which led to a rift in their friendship.

Ron - Ron is Trevor's best buddy, and since Trevor can't have many friends for many reasons, (including the area in which both men live in), he is the closest friend beside Michael. But Ron is always paranoid but terrified to spend time with Trevor, (Ron being a paranoid conspiracy theorist).

Amanda - Amanda doesn't seem to like Trevor. At one point, she tells Michael about her hate for him and tells him not to bring him anywhere near her or the children. At one point in-game, Trevor is seen complementing her breasts, saying "nice new tits by the way!"

Franklin - Trevor and Franklin appeared to meet each other the first time when Michael introduced to each other. Either way, they seem to become very good partners.


The years haven't been kind to Trevor, as he is balding and disheveled and a very dirty person. He is frequently seen wearing a plain and dirty white v-neck, ripped up dirty blue jeans or sweat pants and a pair of black boots to match. He is seen in one screenshot with a different outfit on - a jean jacket with a half buttoned up shirt along with a white undershirt and a pair of blue jeans to match. He also has several cuts on his face along with several tattoos (the famous tattoo of "CUT HERE" with the dotted line going across his neck, a dagger on his lower left arm, a flower on his upper left hand and last but not least, the words fuck on his left fingers and you on his right fingers). Trevor has a very visible scar on his abdomen, it looks to be a knife wound. Also, in some screenshots and during the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer, he is seen wearing a calculator watch on his left wrist. Trevor is average when it comes to weight and build. He isn't overweight, but at the same time, he isn't muscular either. Trevor looks to be based on Sean Connery from the film "The Anderson Tapes".

Skills and attributes

Because he is a former military aviation pilot, he is skilled in both combat and piloting aircraft like helicopters. In the mission Game Informer saw, Trevor was the one that flew the team to the skyscraper they needed to get their target out of. In the aftermath, as the team was pursued by law enforcement helicopters, he proved to be an able pilot under pressure. Trevor is also the master of greed, ambition, and insanity (along with Michael and Franklin), and is seen in many GTA V screenshots performing many challenging (and some illegal) stunts. Some of those stunts include base jumping, jetskiing, murdering, property destruction, and getting chased by the cops.

Like Michael and Franklin, Trevor has a special ability where he can go into a violent rage, while in this rage Trevor can take less damage or inflict more damage to enemies, he also has a special melee attack as well.

Mission appearances



Trevor has had very positive responses from many fans of GTA V and professional video game critics about his "f*ck off!" personality, and extreme behavior. Fans of the series claim Trevor to be a protagonist who you can play and not feel awkward about killing random people. Trevor's grand appearance during the GI demo, is considered an unforgettable one and sets up the character nicely, (the camera is zoomed in on Trevor's face but then zooms out to show him sitting on the toilet fighting constipation while yelling the famous quote, "I need a fucking midwife for this thing!").

Dan Houser's Take on Trevor

"Trevor appeared to us pretty much out of nowhere as the embodiment of another side of criminality – of freedom, and of doing what you want. If Michael was meant to be the idea of some version of criminal control – or some sort of bourgeois criminal who tries to go straight and gets sucked back in – what about the guy who didn't do that? What about the opposite guy? What about the guy who just says ‘f--- off’ every moment, is relentless, doesn't want to stop taking drugs, doesn't want to stop partying, doesn't want to be told 'no' by anyone, and just completely revels in chaos?"

"Trevor was the other side of the GTA coin, I suppose. He's the person who's driven purely by desire, resentment, no thought for tomorrow whatsoever, completely id rather than ego-driven. Constant partying, constant madness. The only thing he doesn't want to do is stop. He wants to keep going and ride it all to the end. Won't take an insult from anybody. Kills without remorse, like a true psychopath, but very sentimental for the right reasons when it suits him. That seemed like another side of the kind of GTA coin or the GTA world, but very rarely as the protagonist. That seemed an interesting guy to have as a protagonist. Very unlike anyone we've had in a game before. If you began to develop him and Michael and their previous relationships... We wanted this feeling where you start off thinking one's good and the other's awful. Then you get spun the other way. Then you get spun back the first way, until you can't decide."

Character Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V Trevor01:09

Grand Theft Auto V Trevor


  • Trevor is the first protagonist in the entire GTA series to have a drug addiction and take drugs at his own will.
  • Trevor was the first protagonist in GTA V to have his full name revealed.
  • Trevor is the third protagonist in the GTA Series to have military experience, the first being Victor Vance while the second was Niko Bellic.
  • As seen in the first gameplay trailer, Trevor has a tattoo on his left arm that reads "R.I.P. Michael". The lower half of the tattoo can be seen while Trevor is talking to Michael, so it is likely dedicated to another Michael. Interestingly, at the bottom of the tattoo is the word "Saint", which may be a reference to Michael Keane, who's nickname was Saint Michael.
  • In a CVG interview with Rockstar lead designer Imran Sarwar, it was said that the aforementioned tattoo is a symbol of an angel of death, possibly indicating a previous affiliation with the Angels of Death MC. It is either possible that Trevor is still a member of said motorcycle club, or has "gone nomad", a saying meaning that he has peacefully left the gang. Either way, this would explain Trevor's feud with the Lost MC.





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