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{{Template:Infobox business
#redirect[[Trevor Philips Enterprises]]
|name = Trevor Phillips Enterprises
|image = Trevor Phillips Enterprises.jpg
|size =
|caption =
|type = Arms Dealing<br>Drug Dealing
|founded = Unknown
|founder = [[Trevor Phillips]]
|locations = [[Sandy Shores]]
|games = [[Grand Theft Auto V]]}}
''{{Template:Quote|The guns and crank in this area go through Trevor Phillips Enterprises, or they ain't going! |Trevor Phillips Talking about the Trevor Phillips Enterprise.}}''
''[[File:Trevor-Burning_house.jpg|thumb|Trevor blowing up a house]]''
'''Trevor Phillips Enterprises''' is a business in [[GTA 5|GTA V]] run by one of three protagonists, [[Trevor Phillips]].
Very little is known about the business other than it was formed at some point prior to the storyline of GTA V and deals mainly with [[Weapons|guns]] and [[drugs]]. Although it may very well just be a fictional enterprise mentioned by Trevor as way of emphasizing his grip on local vice, and not an actual organization.
*The business seems similar to [[Marty Jay Williams]]' [[Trailer Park Mafia]], from [[VCS]], in that it is reasonably small time, and is run by a redneck.
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