"We're at war! Take these boys over and whack the Triad Warlords! Hell, if you get a chance, pop some of their soldiers too!"
Toni Cipriani

Triads and Tribulations is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Leone Family Caporegime Toni Cipriani from his mother's restaurant in the Saint Mark's district of Portland Island, Liberty City.


Claude goes to the restaurant, looking for more work from Toni. Claude finds a letter left on the table telling the task of getting rid of three Triad warlords. However, there are already two Leone goons with him.

The first warlord is located in Chinatown, with Claude driving to the location and killing him and the Triads who are with him. The second warlord is standing near the pedestrian only walk part of Chinatown, seemingly alone. When the Triads spot Claude, they ambush him but Claude kills them and the second warlord. The third is located in the Fish Factory, so Claude steals a Triad Fish Van, drives into the compound and kills the third Triad warlord. Alternatively Claude can throw a grenade over the walls towards the Fish Factory.


The reward for completing the mission is $30,000 and the mission Blow Fish is unlocked.


Video walkthroughs

PC Version iPad Version
GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission 17 - Triads and Tribulations (HD)02:12

GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission 17 - Triads and Tribulations (HD)

GTA 3 - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 17 - Triads and Tribulations03:03

GTA 3 - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 17 - Triads and Tribulations


  • The third warlord in the factory can be killed in another way, which is accomplished by going up the hill behind the factory and killing him with a grenade/motolov/sniper.
  • Another strategy which would save ammo but the player will need armor. First, use a fast vehicle to kill the first warlord and his members. Then go to the third warlord at the factory, go up the hill behind the factory, shoot a few shots ( One shot should be enough) to get his attention then get to the gate, the Triads will follow and try to shoot through the gate. ( However, the gate blocks them). Switch to the baseball bat and beat them to death. ( The baseball bat somehow ignores the gate). Then get to the second warlord, get out of the vehicle, switch to "fists" then sprint to the warlord, use the bat to knock him on the ground, keep hitting until he dies. Quickly run away to find another vehicle and let the men do their work.
  • After the opening cutscene for the mission, Triad members and Leone Family members will spawn even in their enemy territory, and cause chaos in the streets due to the gunfights.
  • As the player passes by the Chinatown area, a police scanner can be heard mentioning a gang war. However, unless the player fires a gun within a roaming officer's range, no police effort will be made to stop the gang war.
  • This mission is similar to The Tail Bagging the Dogs from Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.
  • All the warlords are carrying Uzis rather than Pistols or Baseball Bats.
  • The second and third warlord can also be killed using the sniper rifles long range zoom. The sniper rifle can be acquired by getting to Staunton Island/Shoreside Vale and getting the hidden packages there by jumping the broken bridge girder and steel beam trick or alternatively, by falling through the porter tunnel glitch.  
  • Bare minimum, both the second and third warlord wear body armor. This is because it took two sniper bullets to drop the second warlord, while using molotov, the third one screamed and ran in a panic far longer than regular enemies, signifing both have extra HP gained from wearing armor.
  • The mission contains a glitch that if the player drives by the Triad warehouse (without killing the warlord) and goes back to Chinatown or Saint Mark's, the Triad gang members spawning the streets won't be hostile towards Claude and the player can sit and watch the Triads and Leones have gunfights without the player being targeted. However once the mission is complete, the Triads go back to being hostile.