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Triathlon-GTA V
"Triathlons bring three activities together in an epic way. In nature, it is doubtful you will be required to swim, bike, and run to escape the jaws of a bear or shark – but these days – the threat is your own ego and the darkness setting in as you grow older. The marathon was an ancient ritual popularized by the Greeks – like buggery – but combining exercise and ego is an American tradition."
―GTA V Website

Triathlons are multi-stage marathons where contestants typically resort to more than one form of transportation throughout the event. Triathlons have been featured in some form in the Grand Theft Auto series, including:

There are 3 Triathlons in GTA V and before the first becomes available you must complete the mission "Fame or Shame". The Triathlons in GTA V are made up of Swimming, Cycling and Running. Triathlons are also a great way to boost the different characters stamina. Medaling in all three events is required for 100% completion.

  1. The Vespucci Beach Triathlon is located on the beach of Vespucci. At least 60% Stamina is advised before competing in this event.
  2. The Alamo Sea Triathlon  is located in Grapeseed and is only unlocked after the completion of The Vespucci Beach Triathlon. It lasts about 7 minutes and is great for increasing player stamina.
  3. The Coyote Cross Country Triathlon is located on the south beach of the Alamo Sea in Sandy Shores. This triathlon is a Gruelling 30 Minute affair and only becomes available after the completion of The Alamo Sea Triathlon. 100% Player stamina is advised before entering and pausing the game numerous times to give you thumb a rest is advised. It is also advised to come first in the swimming as it will be a huge advantage for you.

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