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Trish Camden is, in 1984, the British co-host of Wave 103 who wants to become a VJ.

In 1984 she co-hosts the station alongside Adam First and argues with him constantly about the future of music, among other things. She states her desire to become a video jockey, saying "who's going to go to the radio to listen to music when you can watch it instead?" and mentioning her auditions with an unnamed music station. By 1986 Adam First is the sole host, suggesting that Trish has left the station, possibly to become a VJ.

Trish Camden is voiced by Anouchka Benson.


  • Some of your gang members (who manage Protection Racket, Loan Shark and Prostitutions) will say "I'm tired of these British DJ's!", suggesting that Trish has been fired in popular demand.

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