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:''You maybe looking for [[Troy (GTA VCS)|Troy]], a member of the [[Trailer Park Mafia]], or [[Troy (TBOGT)|Troy]], a doorman at the [[Hercules]] bar.''
'''Troy''' is a character in [[Grand Theft Auto 1]] who can be chosen as a [[protagonist]] by the player.
'''Troy''' is the name of several characters in the GTA series;
* [[Troy (GTA 1)|Troy]] - a protagonist in [[Grand Theft Auto 1]].
{{GTA 1 Characters}}
* [[Troy (GTA SA)|Troy]] - a [[Grove Street Families]] member in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]].
* [[Troy (GTA VCS)|Troy]] - a member of the [[Trailer Park Mafia]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]].
[[Category:Characters in GTA 1|Troy]]
* [[Troy (TBOGT)|Troy]] - the bouncer at [[Hercules]] in [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]].

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Troy is the name of several characters in the GTA series;

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