Truth Revealed is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance given to protagonist Mike by Colombian Cartel member Cisco from his jet in Francis International Airport in Shoreside Vale, Liberty City.


Mike goes to Cisco's jet trying to learn more about Vinnie's murder. But as he goes in he sees that someone killed Cisco. He goes outside and finds the car of the person who killed Jonnie. He follows the car only to be attacked by gang members. He kills them and follows the car again. He is attacked again then the car stops with Vinnie coming out of it. They have a brief conversation about his staged death. Then a gunfight ensues with Mike killing Vinnie along with the other gang members.


The reward for completing this mission is $100,000. The mission "Love of Money" is also unlocked.


Video Walkthrough

GBA Version
GTA Advance Mission 36 - Truth Revealed

GTA Advance Mission 36 - Truth Revealed