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Tug-GTASA-front.jpg TugBoat-GTA4-front.jpg
A Tug in GTA San Andreas (Rear quarter view).
A Tug in GTA IV.

Tug refers to two different vehicles in the Grand Theft Auto series: an all purpose tug in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and a tug boat in Grand Theft Auto IV.


GTA San Andreas

The Tug in GTA San Andreas is designed as a haul-pulling tug similar to the game's Baggage, except the Tug is far more compact and enclosed, with only one seat, no cargo hold (the Tug only carries a fire extinguisher in the rear), and a closed driver compartment; like the Baggage, however, the Tug is also consistently painted white. While featuring a stationary tow hitch similar to the Baggage, it is not capable of towing anything. Contrary to its appearance, the Tug has a high overall speed but low acceleration.

It can be assumed the Tug is adopted for used in other locations other than airports, as it is also present in an underground government base.


In GTA IV, the Tug, also referred to internally as the Tuga, is designed as a very large boat, by far the largest controllable vehicle in the game, and second largest in the entire series thus far, after the AT-400, boasting a huge and sturdy hull, and a three-story superstructure (including a funnel) with the bridge attached on the top (other portions of the superstructure are inaccessible). The Tug Boat has an obvious industrial use in GTA IV, and it is most likely used to move the large garbage boats dotted around the cities waters.

As expected for a vehicle of its size, is very slow, even more so than a Reefer. The Tug Boat also possesses heavy control and very poor stopping power (due to the vehicle being a watercraft, coupled with its weight).

In The Lost and Damned, the Tug's front is extended slightly.


Whilst on the Tug, the player cannot run, but the player may move faster if they aim with the pistol. Pressing the correct command to board the ship will also cause the player to automatically walk to the wheel of the boat.

The Tug can only properly contain one person in multiplayer (the driver), although others can still stand on the deck at the expense of losing some control of their characters; when the boat is moving, passengers will also begin to glide off slowly; alternately, passengers can cling onto the sides of the boat by jumping once and holding on to the side of the boat without climbing up onto the hull. Also, if anyone stands at the front of the boat they will actually pass through the superstructure and see the water beneath.


GTA San Andreas
  • When using the carnival cheat, Tugs have lowrider suspension.
  • The default radio station in the Tug is K-DST.
  • Despite its appearance, the Tug boosts the player's sex appeal.
  • With its three characters, the Tug is one of the three shortest-named vehicles, alongside with the Bus and BMX.
  • It is impossible to land a car on a Tug. This is not due to of a lack of space, but because of an invisible shield that prevents cars, trucks, motorcycles, or any other vehicle from landing on these boats.[1](2:47)
  • When in the water, the player can board the ship by pressing "Enter Vehicle", and the player will leap for the side, but often cannot climb up onto the deck. If that does not work, the player can park another boat alongside, jump on it and then jump on the Tug.
  • Tugs make for good sniping platforms, although the choppiness of the ocean can make aiming more difficult than on any static location.
  • If you see extreme lag on multiplayer or single player, it is sometimes because a Tug is touching land.
  • If you shut off the boat's engine, then turn it back on, it will sometimes not make a sound. This bug also applies to the NRG-900 and the Cognoscenti.
  • It is one of the few vehicles in GTA IV that can survive at least one direct RPG shot and still be usable, unless the rocket hits the engine tower, which will destroy the ship in one shot. Sometimes, if you shoot the top cab part of the ship, it will still float, but will not start.
  • In TBOGT, a glitch involving the Tug can allow the player to fly through the city. The Tug must first be driven at top speed, and then the player must jump towards the bow. Luis will enter the skydive animation and float over the surface of the boat. If the boat is near land, the player can fly through the city. This glitch is easier to exploit in multiplayer.


GTA San Andreas
  • Parked in the Easter Bay Airport.
  • Inside the Area 69 complex, in the underground area only accessible in the mission Black Project.

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