For the Adversary Mode in Grand Theft Auto Online with an identical name, see Turf Wars.
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Turf War is a team-based online multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto IV. Two or more teams may play in this mode.


Turf War is a timed capture-the-base mode, where there are three or more bases (physically represented by colored halos) around the map that each team has to take over, one for each team and one unclaimed in the beginning. The two teams the players are allowed on are the "Russian Gang", and the "Jamaican Gang". Each base halo, and player icon will be orange for Jamaicans, and purple for Russians, respectively. At the start of the game there will be one Jamaican base, and one Russian base. There is also a yellow base for unoccupied turf. By standing within the "base" for a short period of time, a player will be able to claim the base for their team; the more players that are in an enemy's base, the faster it can be captured. If the rival gang is in or near a base, it cannot be taken by the attacking team until they are eliminated.

The more bases that a team owns, the faster their cash score increases; each capture base awards the team $50 (divided to its members) every 30 seconds. By claiming all three bases, for example, the team controlling the bases will receive a maximum of $150 every 30 seconds; if a team has not captured any bases, they receive nothing. Players do not receive money by killing enemy team members.

The team with the most cash at the end of the round wins.