Twilight Knife

Twilight Knife is a slasher film advertised on the radio in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It can be seen on a billboard upon approaching Downtown Vice City from Bayshore Avenue. On the billboard there is some black text saying "Don't shower alone, don't turn off the light." It is rated "R" for "Repulsive". Similar to another horror film, Knife After Dark, that was released two years during the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, it parodies the slasher films of the 1980s.


The film's commercial on the radio describes that it takes place in a modest fictional community named North Ridge that is menaced by a sadistic killer who enjoys killing teenage couples trying to have sexual relations in secluded areas such as a cemetery, where a young couple named Brad and Cindy are attacked by the killer with him mutilating Brad's genitals before he attacks Cindy, screaming. During the radio commercial, the killer's theme song is similar to that of Jason Voorhess from the Friday the 13th films, and makes references to them with the narrator saying, "It's best to put away the hockey masks and kitchen knives." Similar to Knife After Dark.

Radio Advertisement

Male Narrator: North Ridge is like any other community, full of families, like the Dawsons, with their three children, and their dog...

(Dog barks.)

Male Narrator: But as darkness falls, it's best to put away the hockey masks and kitchen knives...

Woman: (screams in terror)

Male Narrator: Twilight Knife. Somewhere in these woods, there's a private sensual place couples go to die.

Brad: Hey, Cindy. Want to go make-out in the graveyard?

Cindy: Okay, Brad. Maybe I'll let you see my bazoombas.

Male Narrator: But, they'll lose more than their innocence.

(Bushes shaking.)

Cindy: Brad?! Is that you?!

(Killer laughs evilly)

(Knife cutting sound)

Brad: (screams) My penis!

Cindy: Brad?!

Killer: Brad's been necking! And for having big ICBMs, you're going to join him, you harlot!

(Cindy screams)

Male Narrator: Twilight Knife. A new dimension in terror. Don't shower alone. Don't turn off the light.

(Killer laughs evilly)

Male Narrator: There'll be tears before bedtime.


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