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"I'm DJ George and I'm glad I could expose you to this music! Now do your civic duty! Go make fun of someone for not knowing these bands!"
―Randomly during songs
"Radio Mirror Park. If you have a request, we don't take emails, or bleets, or even phone calls. Get a fountain pen, and some paper and write us a letter. Seal it with wax from your own special seal, make a collage, do something artistic for once! Art is whatever you say it is, especially if you're charging other people for it. But Radio Mirror Park is the ultimate art. Art that disappears a few seconds later, and you could tell your friends how good it was, and they can all wish they were there. That's what fuels irony - envy."
―Between songs
"We're playing nothing but the music that's too good to be hits!"
―Randomly during songs
"I cannot believe it! Someone stole my bike last week! What's wrong with people? I was just at a farmer's market, trying to find some locally made, organic cat litter. I don't have a cat, I just don't believe in water rights, so I use the stuff myself. It's really freeing. Anyway, the bike, yeah. I was gone, maybe, an hour. I came back, the bike - gone. And before you ask, no, it was not a fixie, I'm not a cliché, don't be ridiculous. It was a penny farthing. That is a bike with meaning."
―Between songs
"They say "You are what you eat", they also say "If bird in the hand is worth two in a bush", which reminds me: I'm going to a chef tasting at a famous chef's house tonight, invite only. They're serving braised parakeet crab cakes. Organic, of course."
―Randomly during songs
"Problem is, I suppose friends, that when everyone wants to be alternative, then no one is alternative... and when everyone is original in exactly the same way, then no one is very original. and I've been worrying about this a lot and occasionally playing some freeform jazz while thinking about it. I sold my llama farm a long time ago, it was a metaphorical llama farm of course. Very post-irony."
―Inbetween songs
"Psychedelic pop from Broker, Yeasayer."
―When Don't Come Close by Yeasayer plays
"A great track from DJ Mehdi."
―When Lucky Boy (Outlines Remix) by DJ Mehdi plays
"Here we Go, Some more Toro Y Moi."
―When So Many Details by Toro Y Moi plays
"Let's go Chillwave with Toro Y Moi."
―When So Many Details by Toro Y Moi plays