Static Planes are uncontrollable jets appearing through the series. They are scenery props on the grounds of Airports; for the moving model, see Airtrain.


In Grand Theft Auto V, static planes are scenery props found on the tarmac of the Los Santos International Airport. They are uncontrollable; for this reason, they cannot be destroyed or moved by any means.

The model seen in the Grand Theft Auto Online introduction and the singleplayer mission Bury The Hatchet is considerably more detailed, having a fully modeled cabin and higher-resolution textures. This model has a FlyUS livery that is exclusive to both missions.

Like the larger 747 jet, it is seen in multiple liveries, the Adios Air, the Caipira Airways and the Air Herler.


The design of the static planes appears to be based on various modern airliners, but most closely resembles the Boeing 737 (fuselage, nose, windshield, nose landing gear and wingtip devices) and Airbus A320 (vertical stabilizer and non-hamster pocket engines casings) narrow-body jet aircraft.


  • Multiple static planes can be found on the tarmac of the LSIA:
    • Parked at a few gates away from a Shamal, in Adios Airlines livery.
    • Parked at a gate near runway 3/21, in Air Herler livery.
    • Parked next to two Jets near runway 3/21, in Air Herler livery.



  • Interestingly, the static plane's headlights are always turned on.
  • If the player walks near a static plane, the engine noise can be heard and is different from other aircraft.
  • Unlike the Jet, the 'US' decals on the FlyUS static planes do not fit the tail completely.
  • While the exterior of the static plane looks modern, the FlyUS interior as seen in Bury the Hatchet, looks rather outdated. The aged yellowing wall and ceiling panels combined with the green striped wall paper and the bright blue seats gives it the appearance of a 1960s airline interior. This could possibly be hinting at FlyUS's apparent use of "aging death traps".

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