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Ulrika was Sonetti's main secretary assistant in his building, she was the one who solved his problems in her desk, paper problems. Soon as she heard Bubba was there working for Sonetti, she had the mission from Sonetti's himself to discover who's Bubba, searching his criminal records, etc... Then when she find out that he was there to kill him, instead of telling Sonetti, she joined Bubba for destroying Sonetti to. She was the first female character to enter in a GTA world. Later on, Bubba orders her to pick more people to they're gang, she shoses to pick only women hand she found three who joined her and Bubba's team, those were Mikki, Katie and Divine, the first and only women to being protagonists in the GTA games. They finally made Bubba's own gang, the team was complete, Ulrika became the leader of the girls and in the end she became Bubba's assistant during they're leadership in Libert City.
You may be looking for Ulrika Afrique, a character in GTA 2.


Ulrika is a character in Grand Theft Auto 1 who can be chosen as a protagonist by the player.

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