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"You were the stupid one, Vladdy boy. Nobody fucks with my family."
Niko Bellic

Uncle Vlad is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, given to the protagonist Niko Bellic by his cousin Roman Bellic and introduces the player to executions, a type of assassination which displays a cutscene, if a pistol is used.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go with Roman and look for Vlad at Comrades.
  • Don't let Vlad escape.
  • Vlad is fleeing in his car. Get back to your vehicle and chase after him.
  • Chase after Vlad.
  • Vlad's crashed his car. He's trying to escape on foot.


After Niko and his cousin Roman discover that the local Russian criminal Vladimir Glebov was sleeping with Roman's girlfriend, so Niko pressured Roman into going with him to kill Vlad. Roman believes this is a bad idea, as Mikhail Faustin, Vlad's boss, may kill Niko and Roman in retaliation.

Niko and Roman drive to Comrades Bar. Niko confronts Vlad, who escapes out the back door of the bar and drives away in his Marbelle, leaving Niko to fight his two goons. Niko kills or evades the goons and then gives chase in his own car, eventually cornering Vlad on the eastern shore of the Humboldt River, Vlad will tell Niko that if he kills him, Niko will be throwing his and Roman's lives away for "that piece of Puerto Rican chocha", and that he have powerfull friends who will find and kill then, Niko ignores Vlad and shoots him in the head at point blank range. However, Roman thinks that killing Vlad may make his goons kill Niko and Roman. But, Niko confronts Roman and says that everything would be fine.

Roman flees, eventually hiding in a dumpster on Tulsa Street, Broker, thinking that it would be a good hiding spot from Mikhail Faustin, Vlad's boss.


This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission "Uncle Vlad" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Uncle Vlad
Pre-Mission Phonecall
Roman Bellic calls Niko Bellic.
Roman Bellic Niko, now that you've settled into life in Liberty City, I was wondering if you could start to help your cousin with the family business.
Niko Bellic I thought all I'd been doing since I got here was helping you out.
Roman Bellic You have, you have, but I mean officially. I need more drivers for the cab company. I'll pay you properly.
Niko Bellic Okay then.
Roman Bellic Just call me whenever you want to take a fare. You can do as many as you like, Niko. There are always more customers.
Call ends.

Cutscene 1
Niko Bellic enters the car depot, and found out that Vladimir Glebov had slept with Mallorie Bardas, which angers Roman Bellic. Niko Bellic suggests killing Vladimir Glebov, and Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic leaves.
Niko Bellic Hey, what's wrong?
Roman Bellic Hey, cousin. Bullshit.
Niko Bellic What's bullshit?
Roman Bellic Mallorie.
Niko Bellic Oh. What about her?
Roman Bellic I like her... I really like her...
Niko Bellic But you keep messing around with other women.
Roman Bellic Yeah... no. I think she's messing around with Vlad. I saw his car parked outside her place the other day.
Niko Bellic Yeah...
Roman Bellic You knew?
Niko Bellic I had suspicions.
Roman Bellic You fucking knew?
Niko Bellic What was I going to say?
Roman Bellic You knew my woman was banging this warthog and you didn't do anything?
Niko Bellic I didn't...
Roman Bellic You didn't say anything?
Niko Bellic I didn't know!
Roman Bellic You're an asshole, Niko Bellic, a disloyal user. After what I did for you, you dick! You fucking dick!
Niko Bellic I'm sorry!
Roman Bellic Screw you.
Niko Bellic Alright, so you want me to deal with it, right now?
Roman Bellic No. Sit down.
Niko Bellic No! I'm not going to stand here and have you call me disloyal. You might let some Russian asswipe bang your woman, but I won't.
Roman Bellic But you fucking did!
Niko Bellic That was before I knew you cared! You always were a hypocrite.
Roman Bellic Niko... wait. Don't do anything stupid. Wait for me!

Dialogues 1
Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic enter the car.
Roman Bellic Tell me you're just blowing off some steam... You're going for a little drive... you're going to leave Vlad alone, right?
Niko Bellic drives to the bar. (First Possible Dialogue)
Roman Bellic Don't do anything stupid, cousin.
Niko Bellic Nothing as stupid as letting that fat swine give it to Mallorie.
Roman Bellic Hey, it happens, we have an open relationship. I do my thing, she does hers. Maybe next time I might watch them at it... urgh... to watch his fat, hairy, sweaty back going up and down. I can't take it. How could she do this?
Niko Bellic I knew you cared. I have to do this.
Niko Bellic drives to the bar. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Roman Bellic Cousin, this is crazy. We got each other. We don't need women in our lives. I getting tired of Mallorie. She's too old for me anyway.
Niko Bellic You have been pushed around too much, Roman. You let this people use me, use you. They will not use Mallorie as well. She is too good for that.
Roman Bellic She's too good for me. Vlad should have her.
Niko Bellic I will show Vladdy what he can have.

Cutscene 2
Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic enter the bar and confronts Vladimir Glebov. Vladimir Glebov then escapes and Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic chases Vladimir Glebov.
Roman Bellic Wait Niko, you have to think this through.
Niko Bellic Stay out here, let the big boys have their conversation inside.
Vladimir Glebov Gimme a drink. Anyway...
Mickey You got it.
Vladimir Glebov Cabbages? Why eat cabbages when you can have potatoes?
Niko Bellic Hey.
Vladimir Glebov Potatoes...
Niko Bellic Vladdy boy! I'd like a word with you.
Vladimir Glebov What are you doing here? Did I summon you... boy?
Niko Bellic I told you to stay away from Mallorie.
Vladimir Glebov Go away!
Niko Bellic And now Roman is upset.
Vladimir Glebov Oh, Roman is upset. Excuse me. Do you think I give a fuck, peasant? Oh, there he is. Hey fatty, I'm sorry you're so upset. Boo fucking hoo.
Roman Bellic Hey, Vlad, can't we just talk about this?
Niko Bellic Hold on. You stay away from Mallorie.
Vladimir Glebov I must be hearing things... I could have sworn for a minute this ratty little yokel told me what to do. Did you hear that boys?
Gang Member Yeah.
Vladimir Glebov Now... get them out of here!

Dialogues 2
Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic enters their car.
[These dialogues will play in random]
Niko Bellic Get back outside, Roman. We're both going after him, Roman. We are going to catch Vlad, Roman.
Niko Bellic chases Vladimir Glebov. (First Possible Dialogue)
Roman Bellic Alright, he's running away. We win, let's go home.
Niko Bellic I'm not walking away until this thing is finished.
Roman Bellic It is finished, he's running. We won't see him again.
Niko Bellic He'll come back. The only thing that will hold him down is six feet of dirt.
Roman Bellic Forget about Mallorie,. Plans change and... know, when Vlad is done with her...
Niko Bellic Grow a fucking spine. You think Vlad won't come after us when I am chasing him like this? I have to end it, here and now.
Roman Bellic Shit, I don't like this. Fuck... fuck.
Niko Bellic chases Vladimir Glebov. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Roman Bellic You scared him good, Niko. He's going to stay away from Mallorie for sure.
Niko Bellic I am not done with Vladdy yet. Not even nearly am I done with him.
Roman Bellic Come on, Niko. This is stupid. All for a woman. We should not throw everything away for one girl.
Niko Bellic This is principle, we do this because we will not be stepped upon. By doing nothing, we let Vlad take everything from us. He takes our pride, Roman.
Roman Bellic Pride, pride - who needs this?
Niko Bellic We do, if we are to live with ourselves in this city. Vlad should soon understand that.
Roman Bellic Shit, I don't like this. Fuck... fuck.
Vladimir Glebov escapes on foot, and Niko Bellic follows Vladimir Glebov.
Niko Bellic Keep your head down, I'm going to finish this.
Roman Bellic Stop, Niko... shit!

Cutscene 3
Niko Bellic corners Vladimir Glebov.
Vladimir Glebov Fucking yokel, you think you can get away with killing me?
Niko Bellic I guess I'll find out.
Vladimir Glebov You think this is worth it? You're throwing you and your fatty cousin's lives away for that bit of Puerto Rican chocha.
Niko Bellic I'm throwing your life away, prick. We'll do alright.
Vladimir Glebov My friends will track you down, you won't last a moment.
Niko Bellic I'll last longer than you will, shithead.
Vladimir Glebov Fuck you, I wish I could be there to watch Mikhail cut your peasant balls off.

Dialogues 3
Niko Bellic tries to kill Vladimir Glebov.
[These dialogues will play in random]
Vladimie Glebov Mikhail Faustin thought of me as a brother. He will get revenge. You've killed yourself and your cousin, yokel. You are dead man.

Niko Bellic executes Vladimir Glebov.
Vladimir Glebov Hove Beach is a small place, my friends will find you.
Niko Bellic You were the stupid one, Vladdy boy. Nobody fucks with my family.

Cutscene 4
Niko Bellic tries to put the body in the river. Roman Bellic expressed concern that Vladimir Glebov's friends will kill both Niko Bellic and himself, before escaping. Niko Bellic then pushes the body into the river.
Niko Bellic Eeeh, you're a big boy Vladdy.
Roman Bellic Niko!
Niko Bellic Well, I guess this is over.
Roman Bellic What have you done?
Niko Bellic What does it look like?
Roman Bellic We're dead!
Niko Bellic No, he's dead... we're fine.
Roman Bellic He has powerful friends... serious people... I told you to be calm you hot headed chump!
Niko Bellic I am calm. He tried to kill us. He screwed your girlfriend. What do you expect? I give him a massage?
Roman Bellic Shit! Shit! Shit!
Niko Bellic When I was in the army... we were going on a mission... to ambush a squad who had killed a lot of innocent people. They were our enemies... but we never did it. There were fifteen of us. All boys from the village. But one of us betrayed the group. It was a setup... for money! Twelve people died, three escaped. I know the traitor was not me... So for ten years I've been searching for the other two. One of them lives here.
Roman Bellic Why are you telling me this now? Do you always get sentimental after you kill people?
Niko Bellic You kept asking...
Roman Bellic Wonderful! You're here on some revenge mission for something that happened ten years age. And you don't care whose life you ruin on the way?
Niko Bellic No.
Roman Bellic Well what?
Niko Bellic I don't know... I just want to know why they did it.
Roman Bellic Right now I don't think you're going to find out. Let's hide the body, at least for a while.
Niko Bellic Put him in the river...
Roman Bellic Mikhail Faustin is going to kill us. Shit. We should get out of here.
Niko Bellic You go. I'll catch up with you later.

Fail Cutscenes & Dialogues
Vladimir Glebov has escaped.
Roman Bellic Great, you lost Vlad. He's probably gone back to Mallorie's for a post drive screw.
Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic arrive at the cab depot. Roman Bellic then enters.
Roman Bellic This is fate telling us to give up, cousin.
Niko Bellic I decide when I will give up on something, cousin.

Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 13 - Uncle Vlad (1080p)08:38

GTA 4 - Mission 13 - Uncle Vlad (1080p)



  • The events of The Lost and Damned begin after this mission.
  • The player automatically gets a pistol, if they do not already have one, after the cutscene where Vlad is cornered at the river.
  • Vlad's car is indestructible. Even if the player fires rocket launchers at the car, it will not explode, and the chase will still continue.
  • Vlad will wait outside the bar indefinitely until the player exits, though the game will continue to prompt you to chase him. Because of this, the player does not need to worry about taking too long.
  • This is the only time that Vlad appears outside of cutscenes, most likely because the player has to kill him. This is the same for Mikhail Faustin and Francis McReary.
  • If the player pushes Vlad in the river and then kills him, the cutscene will show Niko pulling Vlad in the water.
  • Vlad will still be covered in blood after his death, even if a weapon such as a Molotov Cocktail or Baseball Bat was used. 
  • After the player kills Vlad and the cutscene shows Niko dumping him, his body will disappear, and is nowhere to be seen in the river where it was dumped. The same applies in Tunnel of Death.
  • Vlad is covered in blood, but the actual blood on his torso has two black circles in its middle, like if he was shot there, and the blood on his head is actually from a wound on his cheek, this can also be noticed on Andrei
  • After Vlad crashes his car, the player is free to take it, but doing so will fail the mission. (Note that the car is smoking very badly).
    • Also, after the cutscene after Vlad's death, Vlad's car is nowhere to be seen. 


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