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"You were the stupid one, Vladdy boy. Nobody fucks with my family."
Niko Bellic

Uncle Vlad is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, given to the protagonist Niko Bellic by his cousin Roman Bellic and introduces the player to executions, a type of assassination which displays a cutscene, if a pistol is used.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go with Roman and look for Vlad at Comrades.
  • Don't let Vlad escape.
  • Vlad is fleeing in his car. Get back to your vehicle and chase after him.
  • Chase after Vlad.
  • Vlad's crashed his car. He's trying to escape on foot.


After Niko and his cousin Roman discover that the local Russian criminal Vladimir Glebov was sleeping with Roman's girlfriend, so Niko pressured Roman into going with him to kill Vlad. Roman believes this is a bad idea, as Mikhail Faustin, Vlad's boss, may kill Niko and Roman in retaliation.

Niko and Roman drive to Comrades Bar. Niko confronts Vlad, who escapes out the back door of the bar and drives away in his Marbelle, leaving Niko to fight his two goons. Niko kills or evades the goons and then gives chase in his own car, eventually cornering Vlad on the eastern shore of the Humboldt River, and shooting him in the head at point blank range. However, Roman thinks that killing Vlad may make his goons kill Niko and Roman. But, Niko confronts Roman and says that everything would be fine.

Roman flees, eventually hiding in a dumpster on Tulsa St, Broker, thinking that it would be a good hiding spot from Mikhail Faustin, Vlad's boss.

Video Walkthrough


This mission has no money reward, but the mission Crime and Punishment is unlocked.


  • The player automatically gets a pistol, if they do not already have one, after the cutscene where Vlad is cornered at the river.
  • If the player obtains a rocket launcher before the mission (the only way will be from cheats), they can take out Vlad's car as it flees from behind the bar. The car will fix itself after a few seconds, so the chase sequence continues nonetheless.
  • Completing this mission unlocks the Xbox achievement/PS3 trophy Feed the Fish.
  • Vlad will tell Niko that if he kills him, Niko will be throwing his and Roman's lives away for "that piece of Puerto Rican chocha." "Chocha" and "Chocho" are vulgar Spanish slang terms for vagina.
  • Vlad will wait outside the bar indefinitely until the player exits, though the game will continue to prompt you to chase him. Because of this, don't worry about taking too long.
  • This is the only time that Vlad appears outside of cutscenes, mostly because you have to kill him. This is the same for Mikhail Faustin and Francis McReary.
  • If you push Vlad in the river then kill him in the water, the cutscene will still show Niko pulling Vlad in the water.
  • Vlad will still be covered in blood after his death, even if a weapon such as a Molotov Cocktail or Baseball Bat was used. 
  • After you kill Vlad and the cutscene shows Niko dumping him, his body will disappear, and is nowhere to be seen in the river where it was dumped. The same applies in Tunnel of Death.
  • Niko most likely knew about the affair from the previous mission when Vlad talks on the phone and when Niko leaves, he calls "Gorgeous" (most likely Mallorie) back and says "Let's talk about tonight." Also, in Clean Getaway, he tells Niko that he was talking to Mallorie and in Ivan the Not So Terrible he taunts Niko, by saying "You and your cousin's girlfriend should get along. She likes sticky finishes as well."
  • This mission affects the entire storyline. Because of Mallorie dating Vlad, Niko kills him, then leading to him working for Mikhail Faustin and being betrayed by Dimitri Rascalov. This leads to Niko and Roman escaping to Bohan. Niko meets and works with Elizabeta Torres and Manny Escuela, which will lead to Playboy X, Patrick McReary, and more.


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