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The Underground Gun Shops are shops selling firearms illegally on the black market in Liberty City without a permit, first appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Since the beginning of the HD Universe, Ammu-Nation has disappeared from the game. This was due to a crackdown on guns in the city by mayor Julio Ochoa, just like the current New York City. As well as the opportunity to buy guns from the back of Little Jacob's car, Grand Theft Auto IV introduced underground gun shops, a set of illegal arms dealers which serve as a replacement to Ammu-Nation.

Upon entering the premises, weapons are found placed on tables around the shop, and a small shooting range is found at the entrance. However, if you target or shoot at the store clerk, they will attack you and you might receive a wanted level as you normally would for firearm discharge. Some pedestrians can be found at the entrance to the shop loitering casually, but they are actually guards who will defend the shop if you attack the shopkeeper. You also can’t enter the shops with a wanted level; upon arriving at the door, it will be locked, and a message will come up, telling you to lose your wanted level before you can enter.

Killing the owner of one of the shops results in the aforementioned guards armed with Combat Shotguns and SMGs attacking the player. It also prevents the player from buying weapons from that shop again for a period of time, as the new clerk will begin shooting at the player with a Combat Pistol should they enter the shop again.


There are gun stores all over Liberty City. There is one underground store located in each of the three main parts of the city. They are accessible after "Do You Have Protection?".

The first one is on the corner of Dillon St. and Montauk Ave. in Downtown Broker, and first appeared in the mission "Do You Have Protection?", in which Dimitri directed Niko to purchase a Micro-SMG from the shop. The entrance is down an alleyway.
Another is in Chinatown, Algonquin. It is on Bismarck Ave., across the road from Cavity Lane. The entrance is down a small set of stairs, and the guard is usually found to the right of them. The manager here is a stereotypical Chinese retailer, most likely a triad.
There is also one out of Liberty City, in Port Tudor, Alderney. The manager of the store is a member of The Lost MC, as his logos and tattoos resemble those of the Lost and the surrounding territory is run by the Lost. This one is found at the corner of Odhner Ave. and Traeger Road, just west of the Plumbers Skyway. It is on the same block as a Pay 'n' Spray, and across the road from the phone used to receive the The Fixer's Assassinations. The entrance is up some stairs in an alleyway that passes by, which leads to a small yard behind the shop. This is where Packie and Niko changed vehicles during the kidnapping of Aiden O'Malley in the mission "Tunnel of Death", and the roof is the setting for the side mission "Phone Ho" in The Lost and Damned.


To purchase weapons the player has to walk up to the table and view them. When doing this, the protagonist picks up the weapon and examines it, reloading and viewing them.

The following is a list of weapons purchasable from the underground gun shops and their prices (buying ammo for a weapon is cheaper than when you first buy the weapon, unlike previous GTA games).

List of Weapons and their prices
Weapon Cost of Weapon Cost of Ammo
Baseball Bat $5 -
Molotov Cocktail $500 -
Body Armor $500 -
Grenades $1,000 -
Pistol $600 $35
Combat Pistol $1,500 $100
Pump Shotgun $1,200 $100
Combat Shotgun $2,500 $200
Micro-SMG $1,200 $100
SMG $2,500 $150
Assault Rifle $3,500 $80
Carbine Rifle $5,000 $100
Sniper Rifle $6,000 $800
Combat Sniper $8,500 $500
RPG $15,000




The W.O.M.D. poster seen a couple of places in the shop. Weapons seen on the poster from top to bottom are Smith & Wesson MK760, Sten MKII(with optic sight), M3 Grease Gun, MP40, Thompson submachine gun, MP5A1, CAR-15, Uzi(with wooden stock) and Madsen M/50.

  • Sometimes when you buy a weapon, the manager congratulates you on your choice, or promotes the weapon.
  • Occasionally, if you kill the store owner with a headshot you can hear over the police scanner mention of an attack on an officer even if no police are present outside the gun shop.
  • If the player attacks and kills the owner with a melee weapon it may not trigger a wanted level, but instead draw the guards inside to attack.
  • If the manager is hurt or killed, but no guards come to his aid, they might be waiting right at the door and will fire at you upon your next visit.
  • The knife is the only weapon that you can't buy in any of the underground gun shops.
  • There is a poster with some weapons found in the store. It shows a full length Uzi with a stock, a gun similiar to the Gusenberg Sweeper from GTA V, a full length MP5 and an M16 amongst others. These might have been models cut from GTA IV.
  • If the player loses the wanted level near the store and enters it, the weapons will be absent.
  • The player is unable to purchase firearms until the mission Do You Have Protection? Most weapons are unavailable to buy until the player unlocks Algonquin and completes missions there.
  • Killing the clerk with a headshot once you unlocked the gun shops is an easy way to obtain a Combat Pistol early in the game, making a lot of the first missions easier. Normally it's unlocked late in the game, after the mission Museum Piece.

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