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Universal Uniform is an overpriced clothing brand in Grand Theft Auto V with stores located in Del Perro and Burton, Los Santos.


Its purpose is to "innovate" culture and it makes outlandish and suggestive clothing designs, probably meant for hipsters. Judging by the logo, and the inclusion of explicit images on the company website, Universal Uniform is probably based on American Apparel, which is notorious for making softcore pornography. Their website is Unfortunately, the player cannot wear any of their merchandise.


  • Transparent long sleeve thong bodysuit - $160.00
  • Magneta tiger-print unitard - $140.00
  • Neon mini dress - $135.00
  • Thigh-high gym socks - $70.00
  • Electric lavender hot pants - $110.00
  • Whore pants - $190.00



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