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University of San Andreas, Los Santos

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The University of San Andreas, Los Santos Seal

Seal of the University

University of San Andreas, Los Santos (USALS) is a public research university located in Los Santos, San Andreas, United States of America. It is the oldest of the 10 campuses of the University of Los Santos system. USALS is considered a Public Ivy and flagship campus of the SanAn system. It offers many undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide range of disciplines. With a very large enrollment of both undergraduate and graduate students, USALS is the university with the largest enrollment in the state of San Andreas and the most popular university in the United States by number of applicants.


The University of San Andreas, Los Santos sports the nickname 'Palms'. It's sports teams are very important to their fans; especially the football team. San Andreas (as they are usually referred to) won the 2013 national baseball championship.


  • It was first mentioned in the GTA IV series when ranted about by talk-show host John Smith of the show "Conspire" on the [[WKTT Radio|WKTT station. It is only heard in the DLCs (TBoGT and TLAD).
  • The Seal was created by Griffin Kohli and is copyrighted.

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