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Unknowing the Truth

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Unknowing the Truth is the final Strangers and Freaks mission in Grand Theft Auto V for the Epsilon Program's The Truth missions.


Michael is called to the Epsilon Program building by Cris Formage to help him transport a load of "apocalypse funds" offshore to the Cayman Islands, with the help of the rest of the program. Michael gives Cris $50,000, agreeing to help and is motioned to drive an Obey Tailgater in the Epsilon colors, with the license plate "K1FFLOM" loaded with duffel bags of cash to a drop-off point behind the Burton Los Santos Customs. There are two ways to complete this mission.

  1. This way is the easiest, but it is the worst. To complete the mission this way, all you have to do is simply drive the car in the convoy to the drop-off point. You are then told you are appreciated for your actions and then are given a rusty Tractor as a reward.
  2. This way is the most difficult, but it is the best and will also get you a gold for the mission rating. The easiest way to pull this off is to get to the helicopter drop-off point, then go to the passenger side of the helicopter, pull out a gun (the Carbine Rifle with Extended Clip works very well), and start to shoot all of the guards. Once the guards on the lot are cleared, more will start to come after you. Get back into the Tailgater and speed off. You should also have the cops on you at this time as well, so try to break their line of sight and then set up an ambush for any of the Epsilon guards chasing you. If you still haven't killed all of the guards, then do so, and then lose the cops, which will then net you an exceptional $2,100,000. Keep in mind that you can only permanently obtain the money after completing the mission the first time this way.

100% Checklist

Cult Intervention - Kill all epsilon security

Show me the Money - Steal the epsilon money and escape

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