"One of the Forellis thought he was a wise guy, so he got what he had coming to him."
Joey Leone

Unknown Forelli member is a minor character in the game Grand Theft Auto III. He is a well known member (Soldato) in the Forelli Crime Family and is killed for angering Joey Leone.


Nothing is known about him but that he is a high ranking member of the Forelli Crime Family. He became a soldato or a high rank and lived in Liberty City.

Events of Grand Theft Auto III

The Forelli gang member angered Joey Leone who claims he was "Being a wise guy" and subsequently killed him. He was hidden in a Manana at Greasy Joe's in Callahan Point.

The Forellis found out about this and set up a ambush for Claude who tried to crush the car with the body inside. Claude kills the two gang members and ends up disposing of the body and car.

Mission Appearances