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The Vapid Unmarked Cruiser is a police sedan in Grand Theft Auto V. It can be found in numerous color types, medium gray and black apparently being the most common.


The vehicle is based on the second-generation Stanier, much like the Police Cruiser, Sheriff Cruiser, and Taxi. It is in several colors with black trim and has no exterior markings, which is suppossed to make it harder to be detected as a police vehicle by civilians and to offer some degree of anonymity to officers who need it, such as detectives.


According to the RGSC website, the Unmarked Cruiser has similar performance to its marked siblings, which means a high top speed with average handling, poor braking, and average acceleration. Apart from a slightly higher top speed due to reduced drag, the vehicle performs identically to its marked sibling.



  • One way to obtain is to do Barry's Weed Stash missions which is around. Go to the highlighted green marker on map (Northeast of Los Santos) Kill the cops and save it at a safehouse or garage. Comes in different colors (red, grey, blue, light blue).
  • Property Management: When Franklin is asked to drive a Smoke-on-the-Water van he will occasionally be chased by an Unmarked Cruiser.
  • 2-4 Narcotics Officers patrol in the vehicle, patrolling the train station at night from 1.00 - 4.00. Mostly comes in Black color.
  • Can rarely be seen pursuing NPC cars near Franklin's impound lot. 

Video Guide

Gta5-Location Of Unmarked Crown Vic! (Police Cruiser)06:52

Gta5-Location Of Unmarked Crown Vic! (Police Cruiser)


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