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The Unnamed Asian Woman is a minor character in the Episodes from Liberty City.


Her first appearance is in The Lost and Damned during the mission, Buyer's Market, while attending Elizabeta Torres' party. She then later appears in the opening cutscene of the mission, Boulevard Baby, in The Ballad of Gay Tony in a black and pink diagonally striped dress, entering Maisonette 9 the same time as Luis Fernando Lopez. As Dessie checks her ID and allows her in, Luis notices her, and follows her inside. While she is sitting at the bar, Luis comes up to her and convinces her to follow him to the bathroom, prompting a rather explicit sex scene. The two emerge sometime later, she with her hair noticeably disturbed, and the two exchange numbers before a quick kiss. Later, she is seen dancing at Jerry Kapowitz's party at his mansion in The Ballad of Gay Tony's credits.

Mission Appearances

The Lost and Damned

The Ballad of Gay Tony



  • Although she and Luis exchange numbers in the cutscene, the player cannot call her, as neither her name nor her number turn up in Luis' phonebook.
  • She is mentioned in the The Ballad of Gay Tony's credits as "Girl in Bathroom".
  • As heard during the sex scene, she speaks English, but has an Asian accent.
  • During the mission Boulevard Baby, she can be seen in Bahama Mamas as a random pedestrian, although she is dressed differently.
  • In The Lost and Damned mission Clean and Serene, a woman walking out of The Lost clubhouse with Jason Michaels has a strong resemblance to her. It could be her, but she is wearing biker type clothes.
  • Due to the loud music in the club, it can be hard to hear, but the only thing Luis says before the two go to the bathroom together is "My name's Luis. Wanna go have sex?".


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