The Unnamed Jewish Mobster is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

He is a member of the Jewish Mob and a close associate to Isaac Roth, likely being killed during the mission Late Checkout, alongside several others by Niko Bellic. However, he will usually attempt to surrender assuming the guards around him have been cleanly killed. He can then be spared or killed by the player, although it doesn't have any affect on the story either way. If spared by being left alone, he will merely run out of the room.

Mission Appearances



  • He is one of four characters that can be spared by the player but also have no further appearance in-game, the others being Dardan Petrela, the Unnamed Russian Goon and Darko Brevic.
  • If the player shoots at him before cornering him, he will have to be killed, as he will start shooting back.
  • The skin used by the mobster can be seen on Jewish pedestrians around Liberty City.