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The Unnamed Town (named Smokey in the latest version of GTA San Andreas) is an unmarked town in Bone County, San Andreas. It is virtually abandoned but does have a few services. The Big Spread Ranch stip club, an Ammu-Nation store and a Hotdog vender can be found in the tiny town.

Smokey's only residential area is a small trailer park. The town's population is estimated to be around twelve. The trailer park contains roughly six trailers and, if each trailer houses two residents, then the total population of the town is indeed twelve. It is not known if Smokey is a town in its own right or merely a tiny neighbourhood or satellite community of nearby Las Venturas.

Due to it's very small size and lack of any real population Smokey can hardly be called a town. It exists as more of a locality or neighbourhood likely policed by the Las Venturas Police Department. For this reason it might not be a true town at all but the first signs of the expansion of the sprawling urban mass of Las Venturas.

Mission Appearances

The town does not appear in any missions.


  • Knife - beside a trailer in the trailer park.

Stationary Vehicles

  • Random vehicles - in front of the 2 businesses.
  • Hotdog - in the southern block.


  • The town has 3 blocks. If looked at to the north, the street grid looks like a pistol. This is a possible reference to the town's Ammu-Nation.
  • The latest version of San Andreas gives a name to the town (Smokey).

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