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File:180px-Unnamed area bonecounty.png
The Unnamed Town is an unmarked town in Bone County, San Andreas. The town is nearly abandoned, but it does have interactive resources. It has a strip club, trailer park, substation, Ammu-Nation and a Hotdog. Its population is estimated to be around 12 since the trailer park has about 6 trailers (if there are 2 in each).

Mission Appearances

The town does not appear in any missions.


  • Knife - beside a trailer in the trailer park.

Stationary Vehicles

  • Random vehicles - in front of the 2 businesses.
  • Hotdog - in the southern block.


  • The town has 3 blocks. If looked at to the north, the street grid looks like a pistol. This is a possible reference to the town's Ammu-Nation.
  • The latest version of San Andreas gives a name to the town (Smokey).

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