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Up-n-Atom Burger is a fast-food restaurant featured in Grand Theft Auto V. Its taglines are "Once It Pings, Eat Like Kings" and "Food from when we were morally superior", and can be seen on the delivery trucks around Los Santos.  It's a parody/spoof of In-N-Out Burger.  It's main stock competitor is Burger Shot, while it's other competitors stand as Cluckin Bell, Pizza This and Taco Bomb


The first Up-n-Atom was established near the Procopio Truck Stop in 1947, as a diner, with the tagline, " The Taste of America's Future".

Their menu includes:

  • The Triple Burger.
  • The 10-slices of Bacon-Triple Cheese Melt.
  • Extra Creamy Jumbo Shake.
  • Footlong Chili Dog.
  • French Fries.
  • Chicken Liver Surprise.


Company Ads

  • On various billboards. 
  • On the sides of some tractor trailers. 
  • On TV spots.

Company Trucks/Trailers

Visable in pictures and trailers. 

GTAV Up-n-Atom-truck

Up-n-Atom Trailer


  • Up-n-Atom is based on the Western U.S. hamburger chain In-N-Out Burger, with the new name being a pun of the phrase "up and at 'em".
  • The tagline refers to Burger King, which is already parodied as Burger Shot. The yellow curve up over the Up n Atom name is reminiscent of both the In-N-Out logo and McDonald's "golden arches."
  • In the TV commercials, some scenes from L.A. Noire are used to show the 1950s segment.


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