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July 22, 2013
  • I live in Rio de Janeiro
  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is University Student
  • I am Male
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Message me if you have any problems or suggestions, or if you spot anything bad.
"When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk."
The good, the bad and the ugly.

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Hello, I'm AndreEagle17. I've been a huge fan of the GTA series since Grand Theft Auto 2 and I know good things about the series, since I have played almost all the games (except GTA London and Grand Theft Auto Advance). I'm an admin in this wiki and I want order here, I am 100% against vandalism, I always make trivial information and clear information about vehicles and weapons. I am a peacemaker and I can have a word with other users to calm them down and stop edit wars. If you have this kind of problem, you can talk to me.

My user name came from my PSN account, my original one. Two years ago my friend taught me how to use the PSN services, then I started thinking which name I could use on the PSN. Many names came on my mind, including "Kill4Love75", "GermanHunter75" or "LoudBruteKiller", but my friend told me to use something more casual, then I thought "oh, why not something to do with Eagles? I love eagles" and then I said "I'll use the name AndreEagle" but it was already being used, then I was thinking again, what should I add in the user name? Then I used my age at the time, I was 17 in 2012, so I used the name "AndreEagle17" and then I figured out that this name fits perfectly for me.




  • Jamal  - The best editor and now a bureaucrat in this wiki. Personal friend.
  • Leo  - Another ally, excellent bureaucrat, very friendly.
  • Monk - Like me, a car lover and the best patroller at the moment. Personal friend.
  • VaultBoy - Our boss.
  • Sam - He's like a janitor in the wiki. Cleans up a lot of grammar mistakes (including mine lol). Personal friend.
  • Alex - Good guy, we always talk off-site.
  • Doc - Good guys, i've always seen his contributions and uploads.
  • 558 - Fellow countryman, highly-experienced user in the wiki.
  • Hunter - He is very funny and smart, I hope he applies again one day.
  • Cam - Latin American, good guy.
  • Andy - I'm proud to see someone who really improved here.
  • Ultimate94ninja
  • Westside JDM
  • Johnny Boy
  • Mitch - One of the funniest users in the wiki.
  • Issy - She's new and friendly...

About GTA Games


Not much to say about this game. I didn't like it at all, as I played this one after GTA 2. I liked the bikes, but the game itself is a bit boring.


It was my first GTA game. Nothing special to say. Back in the day, it was awesome, violent, controversial, but nowadays it is pretty boring.


Nostalgic. At the time, GTA 3 was fantastic. In 2001 those graphics were realistic and the game was very fun and still is. Nowadays I've learned how to fly a Dodo and now I can make an old dream from back in the day come true.


One of my favorite GTA games. Actually, my 3rd favorite GTA game. I know that in this game you can't swim and the city is small, but it's still a hell of a game, with a very nice story, similar to Scarface's story. I like how Tommy is one of only two protagonists that gives orders to others rather than the other way around. The game is very fun and the city is by far the most beautiful city in the GTA series. It also has the best cars (more or less) and the best story. I hope the next GTA game takes place in Vice City again.

Gta san andreas logo

My favorite GTA game. Why? Because the graphics are superior to many other games of its age (and even modern games has inferior graphics). It had MANY kinds of vehicles (I miss them all, the Kart, the Vortex, the Hydra, the Sea Sparrow, the Hunter and the Hotring Racer), it has a very good story and it's so much fun. There are many activities. This game is endless fun and it's a timeless classic. There's nothing to complain about with this game. The only thing missing are some more animals.


Pretty good story mode, pretty nice cars, pretty nice activities, but the game is severely lacking in fun. No regularly obtainable aircraft and no swimming. The rest is okay, better than GTA III I guess.


Good storyline, nice vehicles, very fun characters, awesome protagonist. This game is overall fun but sometimes repetitive, the Empire missions are a perfect example of repetitive gameplay.


Very good game. Realistic physics, excellent graphics, probably the best story, the best driving physics and crashing physics, but the game leaves too much to be desired, like the missing feature of piloting planes, deplyoing a parachute (which was later brought back in TBoGT), use of Bicycles and the novelty vehicles like BF-Injection.


Very good storyline and gameplay. I like the biker style and this game features many nice bikes such as the Revenant. Also, Johnny Klebitz is a very good protagonist IMO.


My favorite game in the GTA IV trilogy and and my fourth favorite game in the series (after Vice City, V and San Andreas respectively) as it features many cool activities, such as dancing. The characters introduced in this game made the trilogy a bit more fun and less of a too serious storyline. A perfect example of a funny character is Yusuf Amir, who is probably the funniest character in the series.


Many people criticize this game, but I think it is actually fun. Nice missions, nice storyline and cool characters such as Zhou and Chan. There aren't too many activities, but the game itself is fun.


My second favorite GTA game. Good physics, the return of the planes, a good (but short) story and a larger variety of vehicles such as a Blimp and a Submersible and many fun things to do. Yet, there's still things to complain about, like the Driving physics, which suck compared to GTA IV. The crashing physics are too unrealistic, the cars, motorcycles, boats and helicopters sounds like toy vehicles. The story is too short and the pedestrians are too weak, they die with a punch, unlike in GTA IV, where they fight and even kill you. Last, but definitely not the least, THE COPS ARE TOO ANNOYING!


GTA Online feels much more alive than GTA V, with much more activities, interaction and stuff to do, this particular mode has a missing feature in GTA V: Delivering vehicles to the player! And it's much more challenging than GTA V.

GTA Online garages

I'll show the vehicles that I currently own in GTA Online here, I sold some cars and i'll not show them.

Garage 1 Garage 2 Garage 3
Eclipse Towers Apt. 31 Exceptionalists Way Popular Street
  • My Tornado.
  • My Dominator.
  • My Elegy RH8.
  • My Hakuchou.
  • My Daemon.
  • My Stinger GT.
  • My Phoenix.
  • My Slamvan.
  • My Merryweather Mesa.
  • My Rat-Loader.
  • My Guardian.
  • My Kuruma.

Favorite weapons

  • Desert Eagle -> Always, one-shot-kill gun, very useful.
  • Heavy Pistol -> Best pistol in GTA V and the most useful gun in GTA Online.
  • Marksman Pistol -> I liked how overpowered this weapon is. It's like a small rifle.
  • Pistol .50 -> It's a Desert Eagle, not much else to say.
  • Pistol .44 -> Very cool, I keep this one in TBoGT.
  • Python -> My all-time favorite handgun and the only revolver in the series.
  • Teaser -> The Bully weapon for those who doesn't wish to kill everyone.

  • Assault SMG -> Handles very well, very good accuracy.
  • Gold SMG -> It's golden, I don't need to say anything xD
  • Micro-SMG -> Most useful gun in the series, not much else to say.
  • MP5 -> Best sub machine of the 3D Universe, I still don't know why it can't be used as a drive-by weapon in GTA V.
  • Tommy Gun -> I don't use it often, but reminds me of The Godfather, it was the best weapon in the game, it's also a historical weapon.

  • AA-12 -> Explosive rounds... That does bad things when pointed at :)
  • Assault Shotgun -> Same as above, but faster.
  • Bullpup Shotgun -> Best shotgun in GTA V, I liked the design too.
  • Combat Shotgun -> A semi-automatic shotgun, not much else to say.
  • Pump Action Shotgun -> It's a beast, I love to use it, even though there are better shotguns.
  • Sawn-off Shotgun -> Looks badass, I love it in GTA San Andreas and TLAD, it's good in GTA V, but it looks ugly compared to previous models, I wanted the older design.

  • AK-47 -> Power, speed, range, this was the best assault rifle in the 3D Universe, even better than the Carbine Rifle, however, in the HD Universe it is vice versa (and even bad in GTA V)
  • Carbine Rifle -> It's good, the rest was explained above.
  • CTAR-21 -> Secondary weapon choice of my online character, it's agile, compact, accurate, poweful, long-ranged and simple, now I know why CoD players talk about this weapon.
  • M-60 -> When I took this thing in GTA Vice City for the first time, I was like "whoa! This is incredibly dangerous!".
  • M249 -> Same as above, primary weapon choice of my online character.
  • Special Carbine -> Tertiary weapon choice of my online character, I used it a lot before getting the CTAR.

  • Country Rifle -> Marksman choice weapon, very powerful and it has a good range, I don't need auto-aim, only a shot is enough to kill.
  • DSR-1 -> Explosive rounds... IN A SNIPER RIFLE! Ha ha ha!
  • Heavy Sniper -> Always worthy buying it.
  • Marksman Rifle -> The scope doesn't zoom, however, it's a good weapon for marksmen, as it is semi-automatic, fast and allows the player to move while aiming.
  • Musket -> Even though it's not really a rifle, it's very good, killing an annoying or bounty player with this weapon is GORGEOUS! I'd have a Brown Bess in real life if I could.
  • PSG-1 -> Laser sight, long range, great power and semi-auto sniper rifle, it should be brought back to the GTA series!
  • Sniper Rifle -> Classic Sniper Rifle, always worth it, despite the fact I use other rifles more often.

  • Flamethrower -> "Burn motherfucker, burn!"
  • Homing Launcher -> RPG is useful, but only the Homing Launcher is badass!
  • Minigun -> Best weapon in the series, the best thing I can say about it is: Pure fun, pure destruction.
  • Railgun -> Absolutely unnecessary, but definitely worth it.

  • Jerry Can -> Reminds me of movies, still more useful than grenades.
  • Molotov Cocktail -> Cheap, simple and destructive, definitely better than Grenades.
  • Proximity Mines -> For lazy sticky bomb users :p
  • Sticky Bombs -> Most useful thrown weapon in the series.
  • Tear Gas (3D Universe) -> It's fun to "smoke" everyone out, however, this is pretty useless in GTA V.

  • Antique Cavalry Dagger -> Looks more badass than the standar Knife.
  • Baseball Bat -> Strength on your hand!
  • Brass Knuckles -> Just a punch :)
  • Broken Bottle -> Reminds me of many movies.
  • Chainsaw -> Okay, call me serial killer, but it's the funniest weapon to use against pedestrians :D (I have one on Scarface too)
  • Crowbar -> Badass and fits with Trevor's personality.
  • Flowers -> Killing pedestrians and cops with... Flowers! That's the funniest way to kill someone.
  • Hatchet -> Same as the Crowbar, but I wish it was more gruesome.
  • Katana -> Love slicing heads in the 3D Universe :D
  • Knife -> Simplistic, real men's weapon, stealth kills are awesome.
  • Shovel -> Want me to dig your grave?

GTA Characters

Other entertainment



  • Andre has driven several GTA cars in real life, the cars being the Rebel, Mesa, Bison, Beater Surfer, GTA IV Sentinel, Huntley Sport and Bifta.
    • In addition, he has also ridden a GTA IV Faggio.
  • Andre is an avid player of Five Finger Fillet, this can be seen here.
  • Oddly enough, Andre is brazilian but he hates soccer.
  • Andre shot a cockroach using his air rifle once.
  • Due to his paranoid personality, Andre sometimes prepares himself for an apocalypse like that of The Last of Us, he also wants to buy a strong weapon, presumably because he had nightmares with Clickers and Bloaters.
  • Andre has high compassion with animals and his favorite animal is the bald Eagle. Other animals that he likes includes Tigers, Owls, Bears and Chimps. He is not afraid of predatory animals like Snakes, Spiders or Scorpions, however, he is afraid of rats.
  • Andre prefer Revolvers over Pistols, because he believes that Revolvers are more reliable and accurate, not just that, but also because he loves Old West stuff.
  • When Andre gets his first car, he will race Monk in his Elise. (added by Monk)
    • That will only happen if he ever visits Great Britian and gets a different car there, since a Ford Focus can never win an Elise. To add on that, he would need higher driving skills to win Monk, who is the best driver in GTA Wiki.
  • Andre likes dangerous stuff like parachuting, rapel, motorcycle speeding, bungee jump, ziplining and hiking (Uncharted style)
  • Monk, the chair governor for the IWD (International Wiki Dictionary) - declares that Andre Luiz Agra (AndreEagle17) has officially made a new word for the dictionary. The word is "Pussish" - Adjective; the act of being a pussy. (added by Monk)


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