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September 8, 2010
  • I live in Meme hell
  • My occupation is Adventuring
  • I am Transgender pansexual demiboy non-binary otherkin genderfluid neutrosis androgyne transvestite gender non-conforming ceterosexual apothisexual polygender intergender fraysexual quoisexual homoflexible
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Um, Hello

Oh, hi. I started playing the GTA series back in around 2003 or so. I started with the first GTA when I got my own Playstation. Since then, GTA has been a game I have loved. I played San Andreas for the PS2 (possibly 2007 or so), but then got the PC version around 2008, which I started to mod. I switched to GTA IV for PC, and it's a game I love to mod too, and due to learning how to mod quite well in San Andreas, it gave me an easy start for how the whole game is built. Well, that's some basic information, I've played all the other GTA games sometime between then and now.


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